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Discover how to create engaging content for your blogs and social media pages; how to promote products, projects, and brands from the industries of design and architecture, travel, and hospitality.
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Creating Engaging Content for Design and Travel Industries

Being an integrated marketing communications professional (public relations, media, advertising) for a number of years, firstly, I would like to mention that I enjoy all the “ingredients” of this creative, dynamic, and multitasking profession. After graduating in interior design, tourism management and marketing, and public relations – I discovered a way of pouring my knowledge into creating engaging content for the design and travel industries.

For many years, I have been creating artistic stories and projects for printed and online magazines, blogs, and newspapers, as well as for TV shows and social media. My passions are lifestyle topics such as tourism and design, as well as business topics, especially those regarding marketing and public relations. That way, I created Design & Travel Communications by Danica Maricic. Also, I lecture on Marketing and Business Communications to Interior Designers

My specialties include design and architecture promotion, tourism and hospitality promotion, shopping center marketing, international communications, event management, media planning, social media communications, creative writing, development of promotional brochures, catalogs, magazines, websites, and portals, and digital photography. – One of My Favorite Media Projects

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Promoting Design and Travel Products, Projects, and Brands

Telling Stories about Travel Destinations and Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

Promotion is important in both the travel and design industries. For instance, without a seductive story and attractive images and videos, travel destinations and attractions would be almost invisible to prospective travelers. What do you think? Let me know.

The best stories are told by people who are passionate about telling stories. Also, a photograph is one of the most effective promotional tools in tourism because “a photo speaks more than a thousand words (in all the languages)”, thus informing and motivating potential travelers.

I hope you’ll enjoy my stories about travel destinations and attractions worldwide. 

Dubrovnik – Welcome to the Historic City of Liberty,

Dubrovnik – Welcome to the Historic City of Liberty


Hvar - Sunny Town of Culture,

Hvar – Sunny Town of Culture


adriatic islands,color of adriatic sea,visit hvar croatia,travel photo by danica maricic,

A Colorful Journey to Dalmatia


yellow color in garden design,yellow tulips garden images,keukenhof gardens the netherlands,orange tulips gardens,yellow outdoor color,

Colorful Design and Travel Ideas


danica maricic,designer,archi-living,beautiful garden design ideas,flower art bundek,

FloraArt Garden Show Through the Years


In my professional experience – visually appealing hotels, restaurants, and bars practically promote themselves, so to speak. What do you think? Here are a few stories from’s Travel category

Hotel Design Project - the Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani

The Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani in Venice, Italy


maslina resort stari grad croatia,stari grad croatia hotels,luxury hotel dalmatian coast,luxury resorts honeymoon,best luxury hotels in hvar croatia,

Maslina Resort Design Project, Hvar Island, Croatia


hvar croatia apartments,best relaxing colors for bedroom,relaxing scents for bedroom,calming colors for bedrooms,soothing scents for sleep,

Relaxing Colors and Scents in Holiday Apartment Design


le barthélemy hotel & spa st barths,st barts hotels on the beach,luxury hotels caribbean islands,blue and white outdoor chair cushions,tropical hotel terrace design,

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa – Colors of the Caribbean


Danica Maricic,Tres Chic Café in Zagreb,asian themed bathroom décor,eclectic bathroom design ideas,bathroom mirror design,

Eclectic and Colorful Bathroom Décor in Tres Chic Café


The Design Stories for Your Blog, Magazine, Social Media Page

Speaking of design brands, products, and projects – telling a story about them on your blog, social media page, or in a magazine – increases awareness, informs prospective customers, makes them interested in discovering more about you and your offer, and creates their desire which leads to action. Discover how I create content in these stylish stories from’s Archi-World category.

mediterranean kitchenware,tomatoes and olives kitchenware,mediterranean style kitchen ideas,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,mediterranean interior design style,

How to Style in the Mediterranean Way – Designer’s Tips


white and orange living room ideas,apartment design inspiration,summer apartment tips,,alga by paulo antunes,

How to Create a Beautiful Summer Apartment – Designer’s Tips


how to decorate japandi style,japandi bedroom design,master bedroom in neutral tones,grey and neutral bedroom,japanese and scandinavian design,

The Introduction to Japandi Style in Interior Decor


small country house interior design,open spaces home design,croatia interior design,how to design a country house,modern rustic house design,

Charming Country House Interior Design Project in Croatia


cabbage themed breakfast tableware,greenery themed table decor ideas,interior designer tips for tablescape,trendy tablescape ideas for everyday,,

Colorful Tableware Designs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables


Interior Design – a Vital Part of a Company’s Branding

The showroom is an integral part of a company’s visual identity. As such should stand out among others and reflect the company’s creative and innovative approach. In retail, an attractive window display is actually an invitation to the customers to enter the store and make a purchase.

two sailboats on a sunny day image,design trends 2022 interior,sea design inspired interior,

Sea as a Design Inspiration


Can office design be part of the company’s branding strategy? Absolutely! As the matter of fact, office design should be a vital part of a company’s branding. 

home office in blue colour combination,colorful rug in home office area,blue work chair,transparent work desk,colors decor for home office flooring,

Office Design Creates Company Image

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By Danica Maričić

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