Relaxing Colors and Scents in Holiday Apartment Design

Discover how to create a relaxing holiday apartment design by choosing calming colors and scents.


When entering an interior, the colors of furnishings and decorations in it will most often first attract our attention and influence the duration of stay and the way we feel in a particular space. Therefore, choosing the color palette is an essential part of every interior design and decoration project.


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Colors should complement the function of the indoor and/or outdoor space, as well as decorative style, and location. Since relaxation is the main function of Holiday Apartments Stipisic located in Hvar, Croatia – let’s talk about choosing the colors and a style of décor.


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Creating a Relaxing Interior Design and Decoration

According to color therapy experts, the champions of relaxation are certainly blue color (brings inner peace), lavender and lilac (relaxing and optimistic), and green (calms the mind, body, and spirit, and when joined by sunny yellow and creative lilac – this color scheme balances the entire organism).


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Color schemes or color combinations in interior design & decorating are as essential as individual color hues. Relaxing interiors are created by neutral (white, gray, black, beige, brown) and harmonic analogous scheme (three colors that are situated next to each other on the color wheel such as, for example, blue, blue-green and green, or green, green-yellow and yellow, etc.), as well as a monochromatic or one-color scheme (combining various tints, tones, and shades of the same color) – when applying some of the relaxing colors.


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Choosing a Decorative Style That Fits the Function and the Location of the Holiday Apartments

Among the relaxing styles of décor, the Mediterranean style is the one closest to this location. The outdoor colors of the beautiful Hvar Island in Dalmatia, Croatia are often transferred indoors thus designing light, bright and refreshing spaces. The crystal clear blueness of the Adriatic Sea surrounds the island, while the greenness of pine and olive trees and vine intertwines with the whiteness of limestone rocks. Blue, green, and white refresh this Dalmatian island, and sunny yellow brings lightness and brightness. Hvar is known as Sunny Hvar since Sun rays illuminate this island for more than 2,700 hours a year. Joyous colors and scents of lavender and lilac are present throughout this aromatic island, one of the most famous Croatian travel destinations.


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Aromatherapy – Aromatic Fruits and Herbs

The effect of essential oils on relaxation has long been known. As with colors, we can also declare champions of relaxation – lavender, lilac, lemon balm, bergamot orange, and lemon.


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Relax and enjoy the colors and scents of Hvar.


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