The Introduction to Japandi Style in Interior Decor

Discover Japandi, a Nature-oriented and eclectic decorating style that creates relaxing interiors by blending Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies.


Japandi is an eclectic, trendy style that creates a cozy interior by joining Scandinavian contemporary-rustic vibes with the traditional elegant simplicity of Japanese design elements. Both of these beautiful decorative styles are Nature-oriented and design open and light spaces furnished in a minimalist way.

By introducing these style philosophies into your home design and decor, you’ll create a relaxing interior space. Harmoniously designed interior, shaped by calming colors, natural materials, simple forms, lightness, and brightness. brings you a few design ideas for creating a Japandi style home – your own place of elegant simplicity with a natural touch. 


Japandi Color Palette

Let’s start by choosing a color palette. Cozy and calming Japandi style space is colored in a warm neutral palette that creates a color base. For instance, warm white and beige tones paint the walls. Black accents, in the form of decorative details, create contrast. Bed and sofas in the photos are upholstered in fabrics in the light tones of grey, combined with tones of wood of the furniture legs. Tones of wood and ceramics are present on the furniture, vases, and pots, as well as in the colors of decorative cushions and artwork. Greenery is welcome in every Nature-oriented style, as well as in interior design in general. Add a touch of green in the form of plants and accent colors. 


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Elegant Simplicity of Clean Lines and Low Profile Furniture

Furnish your living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home with simple forms of furniture that are characteristic of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The elegant simplicity of clean lines in furniture design, and minimalist layout of the room, create the feeling of openness and lightness. Low-profile furniture, such as beds and sofas, is characteristic of the Japanese style. Japandi bedroom can unite both styles. For instance, place a low upholstered bed and bedside tables made of wood and rattan. East meets West, Zen blends with Hygge lifestyle. 


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Design Accessories – Keep It Natural, Keep It Simple

When placing accessories, follow the previously mentioned design philosophy – keep it natural, keep it simple. The warmth of a wooden or ceramic vase and a potted plant for a refreshing touch of greenery, artwork that inspires you, a favorite book on a coffee table, a candle for that cozy feeling. Although the walls in the Japandi style are mostly painted in warm white or beige tones, a green accent wall will also fit beautifully into the natural design elements of the style. 


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Decorating Style Inspired by Nature

Elements of Nature interweave through this decorating style, especially when it comes to natural materials of which furniture and accessories are made, as well as potted plants that bring the sense of the outdoor space indoors. For instance, in the dining room, there is an oak dining table and chairs. When creating a Japandi dining table setting for every day or special occasions, a linen tablecloth is a decorating base, on which wooden bowls, trays, and cutlery, as well as greenery, create a natural dining table setting decor. 


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