Sea as a Design Inspiration

Danica Maricic, Design Editor & Communications Manager

October 11, 2016


Sea is a natural resource that is often associated with relaxation and refreshment. Perhaps, this is precisely the reason why more and more people decide to temporarily or permanently stay by the sea or on the sea. Of course, it is not a new trend, but a lifestyle that has been present since time immemorial. Also, the sea has always been an inspiration to artists and designers.


Outdoor beach furniture design Chaise_longue_EGO_Paris Archi-living

Blue sea and sky – bathed in golden rays of sunshine; green forests, white rocks – it’s all the magic of a picturesque maritime landscape.


This magic of the exterior is easily transferred to the interior. By choosing the right materials, textures, colors, and patterns – the residential or commercial interior becomes a maritime oasis.


Hotel Design

Let’s start by mentioning the world-famous tourist destinations such as the Maldives, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Bali, etc., where the bungalows or villas on the water have become an indispensable part of the image. In Dubai, hotels are often built on artificial islands.



Burj Al Arab, one of the most famous hotels in the world, is situated in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This landmark of contemporary architecture is 321 meters high and created in the shape of the sails of an Arabian dhow.


In the coastal city of Paphos in Cyprus, which is known in Greek mythology as the place of birth of the legendary Aphrodite, a lovely hotel is situated. Almyra, meaning „the taste of the sea“, is a hotel designed in a contemporary version of the Mediterranean style and, therefore, complements the beauty of its surrounding landscape.


The ship-shaped Hotel Unique is located in the residential area of Jardins in São Paulo, Brazil. Looking like an ocean liner, this architectural creation is really unique, as the name suggests.


Retail Design

In retail, an attractive window display is actually an invitation to the customers to enter the store and make a purchase. Have a look at this artistic window into the maritime world.


Creative and colorful, that’s the right invitation for me. What kind of shop display do you like?    


Home Design

Many people prefer houses and apartments situated near the sea, in order to be able to relax with the sound of the waves. Also, they often choose a houseboat or a sailboat as a home.


Blue is the color of calmness, meditation, inspiration, communication. The harmony of blue and white creates the essence of a relaxing lifestyle.


Bright shades of blue and green, in addition to white, are often used for decorating small spaces. Walls painted in these shades seem more distant than they actually are, thus creating the illusion of more space.


For the refreshing atmosphere in any room, decorate it with navy-blue, if we are speaking of a larger space, or with soft pastel nuances of aquamarine-blue, if the room is rather small.


The combination of navy blue, white and turquoise evokes summer atmosphere and refreshes every interior. Turquoise and pink are an artistic duo while pairing yellow with aquamarine brings the sunshine into a maritime interior.


One of the ways of decorating the walls in the interior is to paint sea motifs such as fish and shellfish. Another way is to stencil them onto the walls. The marine area is rich with beautiful scenes that you can transfer into the interior. For example, wall coverings offer a wide variety of themes – beaches, lighthouses, ships, town scenes, just to name a few.



Place the picture with calming motif, for instance, of the sea or the beach, opposite the bed (or a window with a view).


Furniture Design

Every detail of this imaginative bedroom reveals the designer’s view of a mermaid’s interior.


The backsplash in this kitchen creates a “window” into the underwater world.


Product Design

Vitamin Sea – setting the scene for a relaxing coffee or tea time.



Be inspired by the sparkling beauty of the sea.


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