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Office Design in the Service of Corporate Image

Office design is important in creating a positive image of the company. Here are a few of the interior designer’s tips on adjusting the office design style according to the type of work that you do and the company image that you wish to create.


Regardless of the type of business – the design, and appearance of the office space have major importance in creating a positive impression on every visitor (business partner, client, etc.). These positive impressions contribute to the making of the overall positive image of the company. For example, if you wish to be seen as efficient, creative, innovative, traditional, etc. – the style of your office can help you in reaching your goal. Therefore, it’s important to adjust the office design style according to the type of work that you do.

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Modernist Style

Geometry and timeless simplicity of Modernist Style are a good choice for designing lawyers’ offices, accountants’ offices, or bank offices since this 20th-century style emphasizes efficiency and functionality. The features of this popular style are clean and simple lines of furniture, for the most part without ornaments or strong colors.

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A work desk and other items of furniture that fit in the concept of Modernist Style are mostly in neutral colors – white, black or grey. Among the materials that „make“ this style, one should point out polished metals and glass.

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Postmodernism is characterized by vibrant colors and playful design. Red, yellow, blue, green, and pink create interesting and innovative spaces with an emphasis on form and detail.

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Since Postmodernism doesn’t include many rules, one can play with all sorts of mixed elements and enjoy the freedom of design. That kind of office leaves an impression of creativity, which is a good recommendation for marketing agencies, technology, and media companies, architectural and design studios.

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Classic Style

Classic Style is a combination of stylized furniture made of wood such as mahogany or walnut and elegant decoration. As such, it is recommendable for companies with a classy, traditional image.

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Eclectic Style

If you prefer several decorative styles and wish to combine them all in your office, the Eclectic Style is the way to go. This versatile approach is a mix of various styles that creates an inventive office design.

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Contemporary meets traditional; ornamented classic furniture joins the simplicity of minimalism – your office is your playground, your imagination is the designer.

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Although it is important to differentiate one office design from another, a common ground for all of them should be the improvement of quality of work and the overall image of the company.

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