Porec – a City of Mosaics

Discover Porec, one of the top tourist destinations in Croatia, a lovely Istrian city in which the beauty of natural sceneries intertwines with the storytelling of cultural and historical heritage. 


Thanks to its attractive natural environment with pine trees reaching down to the sea and beaches, artistically shaped flora of urban parks and gardens that continually provokes gasps of admiration, as well as the splendid cultural and historical heritage – Porec has been an elite destination for many years. Therefore, in the city, as well as in its immediate vicinity, there is a diverse tourist offer.

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History of Tourism in Porec

The tourist development of this interesting city began in 1844, when the steamers society, the Austrian Lloyd from Trieste, organized a tourist line Trieste-Rijeka. Ships sailed to Porec regularly, resulting in the production of the first tourist guide of the city.

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The first hotel named “Alla Città di Triesteand the public beach on the islet of St. Nicholas were opened by the end of the 19th century. In the 20th century, tourism started to develop more rapidly, and numerous awards testify that tourists and professional organizations recognize the efforts made in the development of this important industry.

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Cultural and Historical Heritage

All the people who have throughout history dominated this area participated in the creation of its cultural heritage. Thanks to Byzantium and Bishop Euphrasius, a magnificent basilica and a number of complementary buildings were built in the sixth century.

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The original name of the church is the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Mary, but it is better known by the name the Euphrasian Basilica or Euphrasiana. Since 1997, it has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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The entire Porec city center is a kind of a cultural monument. The Temple of Neptune and the Great Temple were located in the vicinity of the ancient Roman square, the Marafor.

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The Romanesque period is represented by three buildings – the Canonica, the House of Two Saints, and the Romanesque House. The Venetian Gothic style has left its architectural mark in the form of several palaces.

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Enjoy Cultural Events and Culinary Delicacies 

With regard to cultural events, one should mention classical music concerts, jazz festivals, and various folk festivals. The basis of the cuisine consists of domestic Istrian food. Grapes, figs, asparagus, olives, and many other local delicacies rule the menus of local restaurants. The most famous culinary treasure is the truffle.

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Istria has its high-quality wines – Merlot, Muscat, Malvasia, and Pinot. Whether you choose your destinations based on their natural, cultural, entertainment, or culinary value – Porec is the place to visit.

Photos: The Croatian National Tourist Board 



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