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“Weekend” is the inspirational word of the day – “vikend” in Croatian, “fin de semana” in Spanish, “fine settimana“ in Italian, “fin de la semaine“ in French, “Wochenende” in German, “veckohelg“ in Swedish, “hafta sonu” in Turkish… Have a joyful weekend! 

Zrinjevac Park in Zagreb,Croatia,best parks in zagreb,weekend trip destinations Europe,zagreb travel tips,

Zrinjevac Park in Zagreb, Croatia

Here are a few design and travel ideas for the inspirational weekend. For more weekend vibes, check out my selection of relaxing quotes. 

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Photo – EGO Paris

Outdoor Design Ideas

“Dolce far niente“ – “Sweet idleness“ in Italian. Outdoor design idea for a relaxing weekend. Can you imagine yourself sitting there? How to Design Outdoor Living and Dining Rooms – find out more

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Photo – Tribù

What about this sweet library design? Great place for books and coffee.

Azúcar,Monte Gordo,Mexico,Design Hotels,hotel library design,

Azúcar, Monte Gordo, Mexico / Design Hotels

Relaxing Colors 

Green is a very relaxing color and a “sight for sore eyes” and so is this view – Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia,national parks in europe,weekend travel inspiration,croatian travel destinations,beautiful parks,

The harmony of green, white and blue, creates the essence of a relaxing Dalmatian (life)style. Enjoy the sights of Sveta Nedjelja on Hvar Island in Croatia, filled with the colors of grapevine trees, pines, white stone houses, and blue reflections of the Adriatic Sea kissing the Sky.

Sveta Nedjelja,Hvar Island,Croatia,things to do in croatia,dalmatian travel,

Mediterranean Style

Charming hotel designed in the Mediterranean style. White-stone walls and pavement, green window shutters, and a wealth of greenery and flowers.  Join me for a walk in Hvar Town, a beautiful Croatian travel destination. 

Park Hotel in Hvar,Croatia,dalmatian riviera,best hotels in croatia,things to do in hvar,

Park Hotel in Hvar, Croatia

Modern simplicity meets rustic charm. The cool Mediterranean color scheme is complemented by the warmth of wood tones.

San Giorgio Hotel,Mykonos,Greece,Design Hotels,best hotels in greece,

San Giorgio, Mykonos, Greece / Design Hotels

Cannes is a travel destination on the French Riviera, famous for red carpet festivals and numerous business events, but also as a place of Mediterranean charm and French “joie de vivre” (joy of living).

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I hope that you are enjoying the ‪‎weekend. Joyful ‪‎colors are the best choice for this time of the week, do you agree? If you are looking for Colorful Design & Travel Inspiration, have a look

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Photo – Missoni Home

Weekend Interior Decorating Projects

Putting up new ‪curtains, reupholstering ‪furniture, adding‪ decorative details, playing with ‪colors, decorating the walls by applying wall stickers or wallpapers – all these are creative ways to refresh your home interior and such fun weekend activities.

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Photo – Spicy Décor

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Photo – Chivasso / Jab Anstoetz

Cover Photo – Talenti


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