How to Style in the Mediterranean Way – Designer’s Tips

During hot summer days, as well as all year long, the coolness of the Mediterranean style refreshes urban apartments and coastal houses. Colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and materials, traditionally seen and enjoyed in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, adorn indoor and outdoor spaces worldwide. In this article, discover the interior designer’s tips on decorating your home in the Mediterranean style.


  • Architecture and Interior Design Show Beautiful Mediterranean Scenery and Relaxed Lifestyle
  • Furniture and Home Decor in the Mediterranean style
  • Color Palette Inspired by Nature
  • Enjoy freshening your home! 


Architecture and Interior Design Show Beautiful Mediterranean Scenery and Relaxed Lifestyle

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Travel Destination – Santorini, Mysterious Greece 


This calming decorative style is a representation of the relaxed way of life in the Mediterranean area. Stone, brick, ceramic tiles, roughly plastered white walls, and green and blue window shutters bring a Mediterranean atmosphere to architecture and interior design.

Watching from a high place, for instance – from the Spanish Fortress i.e. Fortica above the town of Hvar, you can enjoy the view of the traditional and modern architecture in this historic Croatian town. The stone walls of the Fortress and the stone houses of the town speak of the strength of this traditional material. The warmth of orange roofs complements the blueness of the Sky and the Adriatic Sea. Nature and architecture intertwine, thus creating harmonious views of the Dalmatian scenery.

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Hvar – Sunny Town of Culture


The interior design continues the stylish story started by the architecture. Indoor spaces are light, cozy, and refreshing. In traditional and contemporary Mediterranean interiors, stone, ceramics, and wood are the base of a design story. Traditionally – walls, ceilings, and floors have mostly been made from these natural materials.

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Photo – Holiday Apartments Stipisic  in Hvar


Furniture and Home Decor in the Mediterranean style

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Photo – The Formosa Bay Residences / Interior Design & Image by Vitor Guerra / ALGA by Paulo Antunes


Furniture for interior spaces is made of wood mostly. Gardens, terraces, and balconies are furnished with wrought iron furnishings often.

For instance, wooden benches, chairs, and tables are of simplistic, elegant design in most coastal dining rooms. Wrought iron tables, chairs, and benches are ornate and romantic looking.

wrought iron bench roof terrace,french style outdoor bench,mediterranean style outdoor furniture,romantic furniture styles,,

Cabanon La Mer Veille by Humbert & Poyet


Fabric home decorations – curtains, tablecloths, bedding, bedspreads, and decorative cushions are made of light cotton and linen fabrics.

Speaking of design patterns – to create a refreshing Mediterranean decorating scheme, choose fabrics that are one-colored or decorated with nautical-style stripes, natural motifs (sea and beach-inspired patterns, stylized leaves and flowers), and folk embroidery.

piano on a terrace design,mediterranean style outdoor furniture,romantic furniture styles,,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,

Cabanon La Mer Veille by Humbert & Poyet


Color Palette Inspired by Nature

mediterranean style outdoor furniture,romantic furniture styles,,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,relaxing colors for living room,

LightHouse View Design Project by Studio Joana Aranha


The interior and exterior colors are inspired by the natural resources of this beautiful region – white stones, blue sea, green pines, and red earth. This color scheme creates homes that are light and freshening. Picture indoor and outdoor living rooms that relax you from the moment you enter, dining rooms and home offices that enhance communication and reduce stress (blue and green colors), and calming bedroom and bathroom designs.

Additional interior designer’s tip – when you design small rooms, applying light tints and cool colors will make the interior appear more spacious.

italian kitchen in white color,mediterranean style kitchen ideas,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,mediterranean interior design style,create mediterranean interior design

Photo – Aran Cucine


Traditional Mediterranean kitchens, like the previously mentioned rooms, are designed from the combination of three natural materials – stone, ceramic, and wood. The color base consists of white and other neutral tones, blue or green, and earthy tones. For example, stone walls in natural tones, white cabinets, blue and white backsplash, and flooring in earthy tones.

mediterranean kitchenware,tomatoes and olives kitchenware,mediterranean style kitchen ideas,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,mediterranean interior design style,

Photo – Easy Life 


Kitchenware and tableware designs show all the colorful richness of the Mediterranean aromatic herbs, fruits, and vegetables – the ones that create a healthy diet this region is famous for.

lavender pattern coffeeware,mediterranean color palette interior,relaxing colors for living room,summer interior design tips,interior designer tips on mediterranean style,

Photo – Easy Life 


Speaking of the color and scent of relaxation, youthfulness, creativity, imagination, and optimism – lavender comes to mind. This aromatic plant is at the top of the list for topics such as selecting plants for a Mediterranean-themed garden and choosing the best calming scents and colors.


Enjoy freshening your home! 🙂

Mediterranean style is among my favorite design expressions for two reasons. Firstly, this beautiful region is my home. Secondly, spaces designed in this style are light, elegant, calming, refreshing, and cozy. Enjoy freshening your home with the colors, scents, textures, patterns, and materials of this inspiring style. 🙂 

Cover Photo – Roberti Rattan



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