How to Style in the Mediterranean Way – Designer’s Tips

During hot summer days, as well as all year long, the coolness of the Mediterranean style refreshes urban apartments and coastal houses. Colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and materials, traditionally seen and enjoyed in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, adorn indoor and outdoor spaces worldwide. In this article, discover the interior designer’s tips on decorating […]


Outdoor Design – the Frou Frou Parasol Dances to the Rhythm of the Wind

The Frou Frou is the first parasol that goes along with its environment because each breeze lets him dance to the rhythm of the wind. General Manager Pierre Christiaens: “The Frou Frou brings a playful dynamic on your terrace because of his continuous movement and his surprising flat form.” The word “Frou Frou” is derived […]


Villa Storia, a Place Where Desire for the Perfect Vacation Becomes a Reality

The beautiful island of Krk is the perfect fusion of tradition and Mediterranean ambiance. Dobrinj on the Island of Krk The simply breathtaking place of Dobrinj is located on the island of Krk, which is the biggest and most visited island of the Croatian islands. Dobrinj is the home to the beautiful Villa constructed on […]