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Eclectic and Colorful Bathroom Décor in Tres Chic Café

The union of complementary colors, red and green, matched with metallic sparkle. I love the eclectic decor of this bathroom (ladies’ powder room) in Tres Chic Café, inspired by the Oriental decorating style. Discover more about this trendy interior space in Zagreb, Croatia.


The richness of colors and the eclectic mix and match of decorative styles are among the top interior design trends. Every interior space designed in such a fashion tells an original story that takes us to the world of designer’s creativity. The same applies to bathroom design and décor. Colors, patterns, and textures enrich all the bathroom elements – walls and floors, furniture, sanitary ware, accessories, lighting – thus creating an artistic space. By combining decorating styles from various style periods and parts of the world, the eclectic chic interior space is created.

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Eclectic Chic Bathroom

I’m showing you the eclectic bathroom (ladies’ powder room) in Tres Chic Café, a stylish coffee bar in Zagreb created by the owner Matija Sindičić. This trendy café is located in the center of the Croatian capital and brings artistic inspiration from around the world. The ladies’ powder room is inspired by the Oriental decorating style.

The vibrant color palette and lighting are reflected in the mirrors placed on the wall and the ceiling. These lovely mirrors have a functional and decorative role in the interior space. Speaking of the decorative role, the mirrors beautify the space themselves and reflect the beauty of the surrounding design elements.

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Sun-Inspired Wall Mirror Design

The form, metallic sparkle, and background lighting of two mirrors on the wall bring sunshine to this artistic bathroom design. Illuminated wall tiles, metallic washbasin, and decorative accessories create a play of light and shadow, which highlights the shapes and surfaces in the interior. In the article Mirrors Reflect the Interior Design, find out more about how a reflecting surface can make the interior space more functional while making it appear more spacious and adding stylish touch at the same time.

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The complementary color duo, red and green, creates a dynamic bathroom décor. These two strong hues are opposite each other on the color wheel, so, when paired, these colors complement and emphasize one another, thus creating an energetic interior. That is why it is said that the opposites attract in the complementary color palette. Discover more in the article Complementary Colors in Home Décor.

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The metallic sparkle of the mirrors, washbasin, and tap adds a touch of glamour.

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The colorful illustrations, sculptures, and strings of flowers coming from the ceiling emphasize the artistic look of this charming bathroom interior.



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