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Colorful Tableware Designs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables

Enrich your dining table setting with the vibrant color combinations and charming forms of fruit and vegetable-themed tableware. Have a look at these plates, platters, and bowls – shaped and colored to look like watermelon, melon, pineapple, artichoke, and cabbage. Discover a few of the interior designer’s tips on combining these tableware pieces with other decorative elements of the tablescape.


Nature is an inspiration in interior design and decorating as well as product design. The richness of natural colors and shapes is welcome in every indoor space, whether we are talking about designing residential or commercial interiors. Plants and flowers beautify the walls, furniture, and decorative accessories of homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and offices.

In this article, I’ll show you vibrantly colored tableware pieces that look like fruits and vegetables – watermelon, melon, pineapple, artichoke, and cabbage. These beautiful plates, platters, and bowls can be the stars of your everyday tablescapes or seasonal table decorating themes. The hand-crafted and hand-painted earthenware pieces from Bordallo Pinheiro and Micucci Interiors add a creative touch to every lunch and dinner occasion. The colorful tableware is designed by renowned Portuguese artist Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro and made in Portugal – a country with a long tradition of creating artistic earthenware.

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Fruit and Vegetable-Themed Tableware as a Focal Point of a Tablescape

Whether you wish to set your dining table with the theme of one fruit or vegetable, or you’ll mix and match all of their color combinations and shapes to create a garden-themed tablescape – you can pose these nature-inspired plates, platters, and bowls as a focal point of the table by placing them on a neutrally-colored or complementary-colored background.

For instance, a white (neutral) or red (complementary) tablecloth or placemats will highlight the greenery of cabbage or artichoke-inspired plates, platters, and bowls. The same applies to a beige (neutral palette), blue, or purple (complementary combo) tablecloth or placemats – when placed as a design base for pineapple or melon-themed tableware. The complementary color pairs create energetic table-setting ideas. The cutlery should be of simplistic design, the same as glassware.

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Blending the Colors of the Tableware with the Surrounding Elements of Table Decor

On the other hand, to blend the colors of the tableware with the surrounding design elements – match the plates, platters, and bowls with a tablecloth or placemats in the same color or in a similar color. Just to name a few combinations – green on green, blue, or yellow; orange on orange, yellow, or red; red on red, yellow, or orange. To continue the blending theme, the glassware should be either in matching hues or transparent. The cutlery of simplistic design.

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3 Table Decorating Themes – Refreshing Summer, Tropical Vibes, Green Breakfast

Fruit and vegetable-inspired earthenware can be an essential ingredient in many table decorating themes.

  • Since watermelon is a refreshing summer fruit, design a watermelon-themed summer tablescape by combining the tableware with a blue tablecloth and glassware, silver-tone cutlery, and maritime style decorations.
  • A pineapple-inspired salad/fruit bowl gives a tropical touch to your table setting. Place it as a centerpiece on a wooden dining table and surround it with green, yellow, and orange decorative elements.
  • Create a greenery-themed breakfast tablescape. Set the table with cabbage-style plates, platters, and bowls on a rustic wooden table or a green tablecloth. Add silver-tone cutlery, a glass filled with the vegan green smoothie; lots of fruits in the bowls, and vegan cupcakes on a platter. Enjoy and have a great day. 🙂 

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