Colorful Design & Travel Inspiration

Danica Maricic, Design Editor & Communications Manager

May 22, 2016


Colors are the magic wand of every design. We all need a little bit of magic in our lives – a little bit of color to enhance the daily routine. Do you agree?



Nature reveals herself to us in all of her colors, shapes and sizes.


Interior design is a creative and colorful way of uniting aesthetics and functionality.


Joyful colors of interior design – lilac and purple bring optimism and creativity.


Pink is the color of joy and sweetness.


If you wish to refresh your interior, colorful décor can help you in achieving just that. Putting up new curtains, reupholstering furniture, adding decorative details, playing with colors are some of the creative ways to makeover your interior.


Red and green complement each other, thus making a very powerful combination.


Red is the color of love and passion. Also, red is the number one ‪color when it comes to ‪‎designing dynamic and active spaces. 


The energy of the orange chairs and cushions, combined with the cooling effect of the blue carpet and sofa – create a complementary delight.


If you want to boost your appetite – orange and yellow are the colors for you.


Bring the energy of a bright sunny day into your interior with a little help from one of the warmest and the most optimistic of colors – yellow.


Blue and green, as well as neutrals – white and gray, will “cool” the air that is heated during cooking while the violet color will add a touch of creativity.



For the refreshing atmosphere in the bathroom, decorate it with emerald-green, forest-green, navy-blue and sapphire-blue, if we are speaking of a larger space, or with soft pastel nuances of light-green, aquamarine-blue, sky-blue and white – if you have a small bathroom.


Blue is the color of calmness, meditation, inspiration, communication.



The harmony of blue and white creates the essence of a relaxing lifestyle.


Modern simplicity meets rustic charm. A cool color scheme is complemented by the warmth of wood tones.


White symbolizes purity, kindness, neutrality, simplicity. The green color is a “sight for sore eyes”. Combining these two colors creates a refreshing outdoor or indoor space.


A warm, neutral color palette creates a comfortable bedroom.


If you want to use it mainly for relaxation, you should decorate the living room with soft pastel and neutral colors.


Lightness, airiness, simplicity, straight lines and neutral colors – these are the main characteristics of this living room design.


May colors bring joy into your space.  


Design & Decor Photographs – EGO Paris, Brabbu, Osborne & Little, JAB Anstoetz, Gil Walsh Interiors, Taylor & Taylor, Delightfull / Gérard Faivre, Gorenje / Karim Rashid, Aran Cucine, Casa, Affreschi & Affreschi, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho Interior Design   

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