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The Natural Inspiration That Generates Eco-Sustainable Design

From the forest to the ocean and space, nature is the muse of artisanal and green design by the architect Nicola Gisonda. 


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The design creations of the Milanese brand Mentemano, founded by the architect Nicola Gisonda, have their roots in a deep connection with nature, with the beauty and harmony of natural landscapes and their shapes, always full of creative ideas for the keen eye of the designer. By capturing the perfect geometry of a branch, or of an object floating in the water, new sources of inspiration can be born for contemporary design, which thus becomes even more linked to the worlds of nature and sustainability. Natural inspiration thus becomes an essential part of Mentemano’s creative process, always careful to intercept the demands of an interconnected world and project them into design creations, giving life to new creative approaches to design.


The relationship with nature and sustainability, for Mentemano, begins in the conception of the product, based for the most part on the elegance of natural forms, and continues subsequently also in the production phase, through the choice of sustainable respectful materials.



Deep Space and the Planets as the Inspiration

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The Keplero coffee table, ideal for the living area and the bedroom, is based on an ancestral contrast, the one between the planets and their satellites. Its decisive intertwining, its minimal and essential forms, seem to refer directly to nature, extremely simple, dominated by contrasts between the shapes and objects of space. In this sense, the two tops of the table communicate a profound interconnection between the elements of nature, always offering new ideas for the observer’s gaze.



Bosco, the Harmony of Plants between Lines and Joints

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In the case of the Bosco bookcase, the architect and furniture designer Nicola Gisonda was inspired by the vertical and diagonal elements of the plants, such as the branches, by their unpredictable yet singularly linear intertwining, as if they already contained something profoundly architectural. The final result is a bookcase made up of painted metal profiles, with several tops in natural MDF that preserve the natural stylistic features of the forests, and that communicate a strong feeling of dynamism. The material is made from Swiss wood produced with sustainable methods and derives from forestry practices that respect natural ecosystems. It is a recyclable and thermally usable material, with finishes made with water-based opaque clearcoats. Open-air spaces play an almost role of refuge and the tree, a living and ancient element, is capable of creating new forms of harmony.



The Sea, Charm, and Sailing Boats

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Natural inspiration is also at the base of Zefiro, a screen that recalls the marine universe of sailing boats with all their infinite lightness. Also, in this case, the dynamism is evident in the extreme freedom of movement communicated by the lines of the screen, by the hinges, by its modularity, but also by the numerous compositional possibilities that are offered to the final consumer. The colors also play their part with a reference to marine colors but in their most raw and spontaneous meaning.




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