Holiday Decor

Red – the Color of Romance and Happiness

Discover more about red – the color of love, passion, happiness, creativity, and warmth.   In the anticipation of Christmas and New Year, all public, commercial and residential areas are traditionally decorated with a complementary scheme of red and green, and the shop windows attract with their content (articles of clothing and accessories, decorative objects) […]


Colorful Design & Travel Inspiration

Colors are the magic wand of every design. We all need a little bit of magic in our lives – a little bit of color to enhance the daily routine. Do you agree?   Nature reveals herself to us in all of her colors, shapes, and sizes. Interior design is a creative and colorful way […]

Design & Travel Communications

Your Favorite Color Reveals Your Personality

The colors you choose for your residential or commercial interior design, as well as the colors of your clothes and fashion accessories, reveal something about your personality. That way, colors participate in nonverbal communication – communication without words. Read this design story and discover what your favorite color says about your personality, according to color […]

Products & Materials

Red Color in Home and Garden Design

The red color symbolizes love, passion, excitement, energy, good luck, happiness, prosperity, and longevity. It’s the strongest of all the colors. This vibrant color is also a very artistic one. So, whenever you are looking for creative inspiration, the red color can inspire you. Also, red is the number one ‪color when it comes to […]