How do you take your coffee, tea, and cocoa? With a colorful style, please.

Being a designer is a profession, as well as a colorful way of thinking, and a lifestyle. A creative lifestyle that aims to beautify the surroundings in every possible way, to add color to every daily activity.
When thinking about beverages, I always love to try new ingredients, to spice them up a bit – in terms of flavor as well as in terms of style. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are at the top of my favorite beverages list – all year long. So, in this article, I’ll share with you a few of my preferred ingredients and a lot of photo inspiration to color your day. Enjoy. 🙂


Discover these color schemes for coffee, tea, and cocoa enjoyment in style:

  • Sunshine, Bright Sky, and Plants – Color Palette for Your Morning Coffee or Tea
  • Think Pink and Have a Cup
  • Red Color Will Warm You Up
  • Metallic Sparkle and Floral Delight
  • Colors and Flavors of the World


Sunshine, Bright Sky, and Plants – Color Palette for Your Morning Coffee or Tea

Do you flavor your morning with coffee or tea? For me, it depends on my mood, the day’s activities… Sometimes I drink coffee in the morning for a head start and tea in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. On other days I prefer green tea, or sage tea (for instance) in the morning and strong coffee in the afternoon.

beautiful tea sets,yellow and green teapot,designer tips for table setting,

Speaking from a designer’s point of view, in what color to choose the coffee set or tea set for the morning? The color of sunshine – yellow, in the company of the color of the bright sky – light blue, or the color of plants – green. Let’s start the day in a sunny mood.

yellow and blue coffee set,colorful coffee mugs decorative,

coffee art cat,yellow coffee cups and saucers,designers tips for coffee styling


Think Pink and Have a Cup

Coffee and hot cocoa will lift your spirits, especially if joined by one of the sweetest colors there is – pink. So, think pink and have a cup.

pink mug with heart,girl in a pink coat,pink decorating ideas

pink decorating ideas,pink coffee bar décor,


Red Color Will Warm You Up

Red is a very strong and dynamic color that’s associated with the energy of fire. According to color healing experts, red color raises the adrenaline level and body temperature. So, when you are looking for warmth and extra energy – unite the fiery power of red cups and mugs with the warmth and energizing effect of coffee and cocoa. Discover more about this primary color in my article Red – the Color of Love and Happiness.

red cup heart shaped,tips for decorating with red colour,designers tips for coffee styling

red mug for hot cocoa,tips for decorating with red colour,designer tips for table setting,


Metallic Sparkle and Floral Delight

Pink, violet, and purple – matched with green, are a very artistic color scheme. Especially in the company of floral patterns and metallic sparkles of golden tones. Lovely tablescape inspiration for a tea party.

purple and green tea mug,colorful tea cups and saucers,color schemes for table setting,

pink and green tea set,floral table decorations for party,color schemes for table setting,


Colors and Flavors of the World

Among the ways of getting to know the richness of cultures worldwide is learning about their coffee and tea enjoying cultures. Along with that come the colors, shapes, and materials of their beautiful tea and coffee sets. Can you guess the countries that inspired the design of the tea sets in the photos? Have a look at these 8 Romantic and Inspirational Coffee Photo Quotes

oriental tea set ideas,black teapot oriental,blue and white tea cup asian

Speaking of flavors, let’s mention delicious spices that are being added to both coffee and chai tea in many countries – cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, saffron, fennel, and star anise. My way of preparing an aromatic and tasty coffee or chai tea – on top of some of these spices, I add unrefined sugar and plant milk (for instance, almond milk or rice milk). Delightful! 🙂

japanese blue and white tea cups,black teapot oriental,japanese tea set ideas,

iranian decorating ideas,tea cup iran, wishes you a delicious and stylish coffee, cocoa, and tea time! 🙂 



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By Danica Maričić

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