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Sea Love – 7 Artistic Ideas for Your Marine-Style Interior

Discover seven sea-inspired interior decorating ideas for your refreshing marine-style summer home.

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Vitamin Sea (Seagrass) Word Art Print for a Marine-Style Interior

Word art print – colorful typography wall art with inspiring quotes to make your walls smile. Vitamin Sea (Seagrass) wall art in the cover photo instantly creates a great marine-style vibe for your summer home or office interior decor. The colors in this print mix modern design with a retro feel. The white text works brilliantly with the seagrass-green background, complementing any interior décor looking for a splash of the sea. Sustainably sourced wood and paper, water-based inks, plastic-free.

Typographical words and lyrics as wall art are trending in interior design circles. Typography art with a motivational quote also looks great as a statement piece, as well as in combination with pictures, thus creating a gallery-style wall. (Beach House Art)

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Inspirational Wall Posters – Art For Oceans

Inspirational Wall Posters - Art For Oceans, Marine Style Bedroom,

In partnership with and support of the Blue Marine Foundation, Desenio Design Studio has created a beautiful collection of ocean-inspired art. Featuring photographs, text prints, and graphical designs, this wall art collection highlights the beauty and importance of oceans. In order for them to recover and survive – we all need to act. Prints from the Art For Oceans collection support their cause and help make a difference. (Desenio)

Tropical Cottage Fishes of Hawaii – Sea-Inspired Wall Art

Tropical Cottage Fishes of Hawaii – Sea-Inspired Wall Art, Marine Style Decor Ideas,

A set of six chromo lithographs depicting a series of fantastic fishes to be found in the region of Hawaii. Printed on lithographic paper, the artworks are framed with Heritage antique black frame. (Mindthegap)

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Whales and Diver – Fabric Wall Sticker

Whales and Diver - Fabric Wall Sticker, Marine Style Kids' Room Ideas,

Create a stunning feature wall in your child’s room or nursery with this wall sticker featuring whales accompanied by a diver. (One Trick Pony Design Ltd.)

This sweet wall sticker is available for purchase here.

Metal School of Fish – Marine-Style Wall Art

Metal School of Fish – Marine-Style Wall Art, Summer Wall Decor,

Have a look at this metal shoal of fish wall art. A simple and contemporary design of the fishes that swim in the same direction. A great fit for coastal home decor, versatile enough to be found in a living room, hallway, or home office. Mounted on a lightweight metal framework. (The Nautical Company)

Small Crab-Shaped Bowl

Small Crab-Shaped Bowl, Summer Decor Inspiration,

A small crab-shaped bowl with exquisite detailing and a beautiful silvered finish – the perfect size to keep nibbles (assorted nuts, seeds, and dried fruits) and dips. Displayed on a console table, desk, or shelf, it can also be used as a key holder. (Annabel James)

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Large Octopus-Shaped Bowl and Tentacles-Looking Stand for a Sea-Inspired Party

Large Octopus-Shaped Bowl and Tentacles-Looking Stand for a Sea-Inspired Party, Summer Decor Ideas,

Make a stylish statement with this octopus-shaped bowl with a tentacles-looking stand. A fashionable marine-style decorative centerpiece for parties. Fill it with ice and bottles of fizz for a stand-out champagne bath. Crafted in food-safe nickel-plated aluminum. (Annabel James)

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Enjoy the shapes and colors of the sea. 🙂

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