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5 Maritime-Style DĂ©cor Ideas for a Refreshing Bathroom Interior

The beauty of the sea is a lovely choice for a bathroom theme. In this article, discover five decorating ideas for a maritime-style bathroom.

Sea-Themed Photo Wallpaper – Turtle on Travel

Go on a journey with the swimming turtle. This photo wallpaper designs the bathroom with a view of the under-the-sea world. A great focal point for a maritime-themed bathroom. Combine the photo wallpaper with furniture, wash basin, and bathtub in neutral tones or a sea-colored palette. (Cover Photo – K&L Wall Art)

The Caymans – Wall Mural for the Maritime Bathroom

The Caymans - Wall Mural for the Maritime Bathroom,

Caribbean-blue and silver metallic pigments, along with turquoise and Aruba-blue mica powders, come together to create soft washes of translucent waves in this stunning sea-themed wall art for the bathroom decor. The original artwork featured hints of sparkle that can be found in the white foamy mist near the shore of this serene wallpaper seascape. White, chrome, and wood complete the freshness of this washroom interior. (Photo – Shutterstock/PlusONE/Feathr)

Blue Lagoon – Artistic Wall Mural

Blue Lagoon – Artistic Wall Mural for the Bathroom,

This contemporary, glossy, seascape wallpaper mural – was originally painted as a resin artwork layered with soft blue hues and silver metallic pigments. Shimmering iridescent mica powder was added to the original artwork to create a hint of sparkle in the foamy white waves. A cool-toned color palette was used to create this serene, multi-dimensional seascape. Combine it with the neutral palette of bathroom elements. (Photo – Shutterstock/ImageFlow/Feathr)

Harbor – Wallpaper Border

Harbor - Wallpaper Border for the Maritime Bathroom Decor,

The Harbor wallpaper border depicts a scene of boats, cottages, shorelines, and beach huts. Matched with wallpaper or tiles in blue or aquamarine tones creates a nautical-style bathroom. Plenty to let your mind drift to tranquil summer seaside holidays while you relax in the bath. (Photo – Fiona Howard Ltd)

White Bathroom with Starfish-Inspired Furniture Drawer Handles

White Bathroom with Starfish-Inspired Furniture Drawer Handles,

This bathroom interior highlights a powerful combination of white and gold accents that are further enhanced by the presence of an ocean-inspired hardware piece: Linckia. Inspired by the vastness of starfishes, Linckia is a range of graceful furniture drawer handles that are bound to give a more seafaring touch to home decoration. (Photo – PullCast)

Enjoy decorating a maritime-style bathroom. 🙂

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By Danica Maričić

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