Coastal Style Interior Design Ideas

Discover the relaxed and chic ambiance of coastal-style interiors. Through color and furniture picks, create the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside retreat in your home.


Coastal interiors are lit by natural light, and their design combines soft color tones and a clean aesthetic to evoke a calming atmosphere reminiscent of the breeziness of the beach. Have a look at these coastal-style interior spaces, designed by Jackie Armour – JMA Interior Design.


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Coastal Style Color Palette Inspired by Nature

Coastal home spaces take their cues from the surrounding nature’s color palette. Various whites and sandy beige tones are the neutral colors of the beach. Cool hues of blue, and green picture the sky, sea, and plants. Sunny yellow, fiery red, and orange hues warm up the home décor. All together paints a colorful canvas of beach vibes in the interior design.


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Matching the beautiful hues of the oceans and beaches on a sunny day, the coastal design brings a serene vibe reminiscent of your favorite vacation. To emphasize the vacation vibe, add beach towels, hats, and bags to the home décor.


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Light, airy, and blissfully beautiful. Coastal-style interiors are appealing, and they also have a calming atmosphere. With just a few tweaks on your own, your home can transform into a remarkably peaceful environment.


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Layout, Materials, and Textures of Coastal Home

When it comes to defining coastal interior design styles, think of the open-plan layout, natural materials, and texture-rich pieces. Everything is refreshing in a maritime way, with a wall and floor décor reminiscent of sea waves, starfish, and fish-inspired fabric designs. 


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The essence of the coastal interior design is its relaxed and chic ambiance. Modern coastal design embodies the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside retreat through color and furniture picks. Neutral and vibrant colors form the basis of the style, as well as its texture-rich feature pieces like driftwood enhance its earthy aesthetic.


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When coastal interiors are designed by a professional interior designer, this relaxing trend can make a home like a high-end island getaway. In the photos illustrating this article, have a look at the few design projects.


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