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Refreshing Marine-Style Dining Table Décor Ideas

In summertime as well as all year long, sea-themed colors and decorative motifs enrich indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are decorating a beach house or an apartment in the city, a marine-style color palette and ornaments will bring sea freshness to the home décor. Dive into this article and discover a few of the interior designer’s ideas on creating a sea-inspired dining table décor. 


Sea-Themed Vivid Color Scheme Made of Bright Red, Coral, and Blue

Let’s start the table decorating by placing a neutral-toned base – a white tablecloth, for example. Also, if you wish to show the beautiful lines or textures of your dining table, then place the table runner and placemats – without the tablecloth base.

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The linen table runner in the photo colors the table decor with vibrant fans of illustrated seaweed in bright red, coral, and sea tones. Candlesticks and candles in similar colors create centerpieces that blend into this marine-style table décor.

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Coralline algae-themed round placemats, in blue or red, welcome the tableware illustrated with a vibrant variety of colorful life found in the ocean. Textured water and wine glasses in light-blue and green colors are a great addition to this under-the-sea design story. Cutlery is of the simple-elegance design, as a style contrast to the richly ornamented and vibrantly colored table runner, placemats, and dishes.

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Add a few starfish-shaped decorations on the table and a tropical fruit bowl that fits the marine theme of this table décor – and enjoy this eye-catching design. For an additional party feeling, there are colorful paper ornaments on the walls.


Romantic Elegance of White and Blue Table Décor in the Marine-Style

White meets blue, and together they create a color combination that’s essential in decorating styles worldwide. For instance, let’s recall the relaxing Mediterranean sceneries – indoors and outdoors or artistic blue-and-white ceramics that are characteristic of the Oriental style

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This tablescape in the photo unites ocean-themed motifs and a blue and white palette. The decorating base is a linen tablecloth – monochromatic (one-colored) and of simplistic design, in order to highlight the marine-style table runner, tableware, and centerpieces.

Match the napkin style with the dishes, and place the folded napkin on the plate. Ornate it with a silver-toned, white or blue napkin ring. As in the previous table decor scheme, cutlery is of contemporary simplistic design. On the other hand, dining chairs add a classic touch to this eclectic dining room. Upholstered with linen fabric that depicts the classic scallop shells and delicate branches of coral, these chairs beautifully blend into the ocean-inspired decorating theme.

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Elegant wine and champagne glasses highlight the romantic vibe of this tablescape. As centerpieces – candle holders and candles dressed in decorative forms that look like seashells, starfishes, sea urchins, seahorses, etc.

Silver-toned starfish-and-seashell-shaped ornaments decorate the walls of this romantic and eclectic dining room. Great fit for a relaxed coastal house as well as a stylish urban interior. Sit back and savor the decor.


Summer Vibes in the Garden Décor

The classic scallop shells and delicate branches of coral are illustrated on a linen tablecloth and a decorative cushion. Summer seaside in your garden or on the terrace. Wooden furniture creates a base for this outdoor design – for those leisure summer moments.

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You are welcome to choose one of these table decorating themes, or mix and match all of them to create your own favorite style. Happy decorating! 🙂 

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