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8 Ideas to Decorate a Tropical-Themed Bathroom

The natural beauty of tropical sceneries, the energy of vibrant colors, and relaxing greenery – in the tropical-style-inspired bathroom decor. brings you 8 decorating ideas.


Charlotte Jade – Into the Deep Wallpaper

This refreshing wallpaper (in the cover photo) from Charlton Island submerges you deep beneath the ocean water, giving you a glimpse of the fascinating world in the depths of the deep sea. The tropical fish design applies vibrant splashes of beautiful colors paired with a rich dark blue background. This wallpaper will certainly immerse you in the colorful depths of the ocean floor. It would be the charming maritime addition to your bathroom or cloakroom and will certainly bring a tropical twist to your interior style.


Underwater Porthole Wall Sticker

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This photorealistic wall sticker from Oakdene Designs makes it look as if your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom are submersed near a tropical reef.


Bathroom Inspired by Japanese Koi Carp – a Symbol of Love and Affection

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The KOI bathtub, washbasin, and mirror from Maison Valentina feature an aged brushed brass base resembling the scales pattern of the Japanese Koi carp. The name of this contemporary bathroom collection and the Japanese word for love sound the same, making the carp a symbol of love and affection.



Tropical Rainforest in the Bathroom

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Create a sanctuary in your bathroom by styling multiple houseplants around the space for a relaxing rainforest feel whilst soaking in the bathtub. The Calathea is a great choice for this space as not only does it feature visually striking foliage, but it also works as a great air purifier. Tillandsia, also known as Spanish Moss, is also a fantastic plant for the bathroom, with long wiry stems that add dimension to wall spaces. By choosing fresh foliage in your bathroom and introducing climbing plants, you can create a tropical vibe that will have you imagining you’re bathing in the tropics.” said Claire Bishop, Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres.


Charlotte Jade Wallpaper in Wild Garden

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Inspired by the wildness of tropical forests and the formality of British back gardens, the pattern of garden trellis contrasts with lush green jungle foliage. Perching in the canopy is the exotic Toucan, bringing warmth to the design with the rich colors of its impressive and distinctive bill. This wallpaper from Charlton Island brings the greenery of the outside world in and works beautifully with matching velvet cushions.


Tulum Towel Hanger by BazarBizar

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A natural bathroom piece from House of Flora to hang your towels on. Add a Boho-style touch to your bathroom, living room, or any outside space. Teak is one of the most sought-after wood due to its ability to hold its natural oils. That gives it its durability and strength. For this reason, teak will always be the go-to material for outdoor spaces and wet areas.


Palm Springs Wallpaper Tropical Bathroom

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This wallpaper from Mindthegap depicts a lush arrangement of tropical foliage on a light background inspired by the exotic gardens in Palm Springs.


Tropical Bathroom Decor – Botanical Wall Art Prints

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Decorate your bathroom with the set of three Botanical Wall Art prints with Bohemian inspiration – from About wall art. Add some greenery to your home interior decor. Here are a few tips: these art prints are great for Boho-style homes, beach houses, or as a house-warming gift. They can be placed as toilet wall decor as well as spa entry wall art.




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