Feng Shui Meets Interior Design – Five Elements in Space

Fire, water, wood, metal, earth are natural elements brought to your home or office by the Oriental philosophy of Feng Shui. If you are wondering which one of the mentioned elements inspires your indoor and outdoor design wishes and needs – read on. 


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Feng Shui

The art of home decoration that brings many benefits, and originates from the Far East, is called “Wind and Water” or “Feng Shui”. The very name of this ancient philosophy refers to the way of movement of chi energy, which connects everything that exists.

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Determine Which Elements Inspire Your Indoor and Outdoor Design Wishes and Needs

Among other principles of “Feng Shui”, there are “yin” and “yang” (passive and active energy), the five elements, and the eight directions of the compass. Wood, fire, earth, metal, water – all of these natural elements are important to us, still, only one element is the dominant one. How to determine it? It depends on the year in which you were born. Yang Metal – if the last number of your birth year is 0; Yin Metal – 1; Yang Water – 2; Yin Water – 3; Yang Wood – 4; Yin Wood – 5; Yang Fire – 6; Yin Fire – 7; Yang Earth – 8; Yin Earth – 9.  

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Since Feng Shui is closely related to Chinese astrology, one should take into account the so-called “Fixed Element” – the element that affects the nature of each sign: Water (North) – the Pig, the Rat, and the Ox; Metal (West) – the Dog, the Rooster, the Monkey; Fire (South) – the Goat, the Horse, and the Snake; Wood (East) – the Tiger, the Cat (Rabbit) and the Dragon. Earth is not listed since it is located in the center of the compass.

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If your birth element is the same as the fixed element, it is clear which element dominates your personality, however, if they are different – the impact of one of them will certainly be more dominant. An important determinant is whether you are yin or yang. Yang is bright and, therefore, searches for a balance in dark and cold interiors. Yin types are dark, so they find balance in light and warm areas.

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After connecting the five natural elements with the years and signs to which they belong, it’s time to reveal what kinds of interiors make them feel “at home”.

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Those influenced by the element of fire are active and dynamic excitement seekers who enjoy the change. Their large and classy house should face north.

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A comfortable interior that exudes passion best suits them, as well as fiery colors such as red and orange.

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The element of water is associated with thinkers – people characterized by a desire to learn and expand their knowledge. They feel best in a traditional house, facing south.

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The decorative styles of their choice are classic and rustic while the color scheme consists of black and blue.

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Wood is an element of researchers – people who discover their purpose through constant work and effort. The entrance to their house is located on the western side. They like to live in a somewhat unusual home, such as a lighthouse or a cabin in the woods.

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The optimum color scheme is one made up of green hues and golden tones.

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People inspired by the element of metal are known for their precision, desire for simplicity, and love of neatness. They like modern houses, which are often true masterpieces of architecture, oriented to the east.

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White, gray, and blue are their colors.

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The earth element is associated with sociable individuals who like to be of service to others. Their ideal home is a warm family nest.

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When choosing colors for the interior, they usually opt for yellow, light green, and brown. 

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Five elements represent the blessings of Nature. Fire, water, wood, metal, and earth are everywhere around us. Let’s design in harmony with them.



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