Transylvanian Roots – Home Décor Inspiration

Discover a colorful collection of wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, and homewares inspired by the designers’ evocative homeland – Transylvania.


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Transylvanian design brand Mindthegap created Transylvanian Roots, a colorful collection of wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, and homewares inspired by the designers’ evocative homeland. “A tribute to our ancestors and to who we are today, Transylvanian Roots is an homage to the history and heritage of our birthplace,” says brand founder and designer Stefan Ormenisan, and adds that the creative collection is “an authentic representation of our people and our history, a uniquely romantic time and place when wild animals wandered undisturbed through picturesque forests and cultures and communities lived in harmony.”

Once an independent country, for centuries, Transylvania was a melting pot of cultures and peoples. Surrounded by mountains and forests, villagers were united in their communion with nature. Traditional countryside homes were dressed with jubilantly embroidered textiles to soften wooden furniture and lit by trimmed and tasseled lamps to brighten dark winter nights.


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Kitchen and Dining Room Décor Inspired by the Woodland

Take an inspirational walk deep into the mysterious Transylvanian woods, to a time when animals wandered undisturbed and discover a bounty of creatures lurking just out of sight. Wild horses, howling wolves, birds paused mid-flight, and families of deer await in the Enchanted Woodland – an evocative hand-painted illustration woven in pure linen, chronicling the life of forest flora and fauna, enfolded in trailing tree branches.


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Floral Inspiration in Living Room Décor

A statement Transylvanian symbol for natural countryside beauty as well as royal abundance, the tulip blossoms adorn the walls in this folk-style patterned decor. Tulip stems and leaves are faintly contoured, thus bestowing balance to the living room design.


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Unveiling the charm of nature’s authentic patterns, this botanical wallpaper blossoms into life. Flares of exquisite flower details and bursts of bright colors deliver the ancient yet still fresh consciousness of Transylvanian blooms.


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Bright strokes of colorful blossoms in this flowery design of a Hungarian folk pattern are evoking the joyous spirit that is deeply rooted in the ancestors’ character. Against a dark background, large flowers, roots, and folk birds stand out with their vibrant colors, thus creating a bold wallpaper design.


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Within the legacy of designers’ ancestors, subtle markings and fine lines stand out in an authentic display of traditionalism. Stemming from old geometric embroideries and having folklore motifs as the source of inspiration, the Heritage pattern retraces the narrative of local customs.


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