17 Home Décor Ideas Inspired by Bright Skies

Bright Skies, the Dulux Color of the Year for 2022, is a light and fresh tone of a blue hue. Discover more about this bright and inspiring color, and see how to combine it with other colors in indoor and outdoor decor. brings you the 17 interior designer’s ideas – inspired by the beauty of the sky.


The blueness of the sky on a sunny day is a sight that evokes joy and calm. By transferring these light blue tints and tones into indoor and outdoor décor, we create relaxing and cheerful home spaces. Bright tints and tones of a sky-inspired blue are welcome in the design of every room – living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and entryway, as well as in creating refreshing outdoor spaces – terraces, balconies, porches. Also, light blue is a great choice for designing small spaces since this lovely color makes small rooms appear larger.


Bright Skies Color Combinations That Create Playful and Eclectic Home Spaces

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Watch Interior Designer Danica Maricic’s feature about the Colors of the Year for 2022, Bright Skies – Dulux and Very Peri – Pantone, on the Croatian TV show Dom na kvadrat. / Photo by Pavle Čondrić


To create a playful interior of the living room and make a quick make-over of the seating area, place decorative cushions in a light blue tint on the pink or purple sofa. These colors create an artistic combo that brings joy into the room. Add curtains and rugs in one or all of these colors. Floral decorations are the “cherry on the top” of this cheerful living room décor, as well as the rays of sunshine – yellow details, such as this lovely cup filled with coffee art.


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Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash


Blue and White Combo Is Decorating Inspiration Worldwide

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Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash


Joining blue and white designs an indoor or outdoor space that brings refreshment all around the world. This color pair presents the relaxing Mediterranean style, artistic Oriental décor, the colors of the Caribbean… Mix and match furniture, lamps, decorative fabrics, arts and crafts from around the globe to shape a trending and eclectic home space in global style. Ethnic-chic style is among the top design trends. This eclectic decorative style is like designer travel in the comfort of your home – it brings beauty and knowledge from various cultures worldwide.


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Photo – Jab Anstoetz


Refreshing Outdoor Designs in the Seaside-Themed Palette

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Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash


How to create the feeling of the seaside on your porch, terrace, or balcony? Of course, the obvious solution would be to have a mesmerizing sea view from your home. However, choosing a seaside-themed color palette also paints a picture of sea waves, bright skies, and sunshine. Add greenery – a few potted plants to the picture, as well as a couple of marine decorations. A freshening design scene is created, top it off with a favorite beverage, and enjoy.


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Photo – Taylor & Taylor


Neutral Color Scheme with Light Blue Accents

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Photo – Walls and Floors


Walls, floors, and furnishings in a neutral color scheme are a great fit for every room and set up a neutral basis for the colorful touches of decorative details. For instance, place blue tiles on the floor of your entryway for a new look, or add a few bright blue cushions on the neutral-toned sofa for a quick make-over of the seating furniture.


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Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash


Bright Skies-Inspired Walls in the Kitchen and Dining Room

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Photo – Dulux


Whether you have a tile backsplash in your kitchen or painted walls in the dining room – bright skies tone is a cool choice for creating a lovely and trendy interior space. Combine it with wooden furniture and green decorations for that calming feel of a walk in nature. To design an artistic and dynamic cooking space – match light blue with violet or red.


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Photo – Walls and Floors


Freshening Color of the Sky and Sea in the Bathroom

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Photo – Walls and Floors


The water element is at home in the bathroom. To emphasize this natural element, decorate the bathroom with tints and tones of blue, as well as marine shapes like this lovely starfish. Create a wellness oasis at home.


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Photo – Live Laugh Love


Relaxing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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The bedroom is a space for taking it easy, so a relaxing color palette is an essential choice for the bedroom and kids’ room. Blue hue brings inner peace, lavender and lilac are relaxing and optimistic; green – calms the mind, body, and spirit, and when joined by sunny yellow and creative lilac – this color scheme balances the entire organism.

Bright skies tone is a welcome ingredient of calming bedroom decor. Combine it with other colors of the relaxing palette and create a room for unwinding and sleeping.


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Photo – Apartments Stipišić in Hvar


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Photo – Sophie Allport


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