Bring Beautiful Summer Colors into Your Home – 5 Designer’s Ideas

Vibrant summer is here! Color your indoor and outdoor space with the joyful tints, tones, and shades that’ll inspire summer vibes of playfulness and relaxation. In this article, discover the interior designer’s tips for combining summer colors and creatively decorating your home. 🙂

Artworks in Your Home Are Windows into Your Favorite Summer Colors and Destinations

Bring colorful summer landscapes into your living room or bedroom in the shape of the artwork. Refreshing seascapes, vibrant flowers, and charming nautical motifs will take you on a journey whenever you look at them. Paintings, photographs, wallpapers, murals, wall stickers… The choice is yours. Welcome art into your home and create windows into your favorite summer destinations.

Additional interior designer’s tip – to highlight the work of art on your wall, place it on a neutral background (the walls in art galleries are predominantly white for the same reason), and surround it with a minimum of furniture and décor. That way, the artwork will be a focal point in the interior.

Santorini View over the Bay Art Print - Abstract House, Summer Decorating Ideas,
Santorini View over the Bay Art Print – Abstract House
Impressionist Sky Blue Boat Art Print - Abstract House, Summer Bedroom Decor,
Impressionist Sky Blue Boat Art Print – Abstract House

Colorful World of the Sea

Adorn the walls in the kids’ room with colorful wallpapers that depict the cuteness of sea life. In the bedroom, create a summer scene with bedding, wall decorations, and lampshades that bring you closer to the vibrant wonders of the marine world. Ornate your interior with ocean-themed jewelry hardware.

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Bobbi Beck
Luxury Maritime Decor Ideas, Ocean-Themed Jewelry Hardware,

Nautical Stripes for a Summer Bedroom

The stylish simplicity of a nautical look is welcome in every room, especially in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Nautically-inspired stripe design on cotton bed linen creates a relaxed bedroom decor throughout the year. Whether you choose the color palette of blue, grey, and white, or navy blue and white – sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases with nautical stripes are a great addition to the summer bedroom. Sail away into a good night’s sleep.

Additional interior designer’s tip – to match the bedroom decor with nautical-themed bed linen, choose a color palette of light neutrals and blues (from light blue to navy blue), wooden floor and furniture, breezy-light curtains, nautical décor such as sailboats, lighthouses…

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The Fine Cotton Company
Nautical Décor for the Bedroom, Sailboats, Lighthouses, Summer Home Decor,
live laugh love ltd.

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Sunny Color Palette of Citrus Fruits

The colors of lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, and other juicy citrus fruits, bring a sunny color palette to table décor. Although many citrus fruits are in peak season during colder months, their hues remind us of the sunniest time of the year. Tablecloths, napkins, and dishes – colored in yellow and orange, create a vibrant tablescape for a summer party.

Additional interior designer’s tip – combine yellow and orange with blue, green, and white for a beautiful Mediterranean color palette.

Sunny Color Palette of Citrus Fruits for the Summer Tablescape, Summer Table Decor,
Talking Tables
Positano Inspired Tableware, Blue and Yellow Tableware with Lemons,
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Think Pink and Enjoy the Summer Colors

Pink – the color of sweetness and playfulness goes hand-in-hand with summer vibes. For a fun kitchen and bathroom design, make them pink.

Pink Kitchen Ideas, How to Decorate Your Home with Summer Colors,
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Pink Bathroom Wash Basin in Retro Style, Decorate Your Bathroom with Summer Colors,

Enjoy decorating your playful summer home. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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