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How to Create Engaging Content for Design, Travel, and Hospitality Brands

Discover what is web content, and how to create engaging content for blogs, websites, and web shops of design and fashion brands, furniture and home decor retailers, travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants…

Creating educational and amusing content is an excellent way to inform and inspire potential buyers/clients and improve sales of products and services. Also, publishing content that is optimized for search engines (SEO) – helps in attracting new visitors (potential customers) to the blog, website, and webshop.

In other words, quality content represents value for the blog, website, and web shop visitors (potential customers) and search engines, and therefore, has an impact on the marketing and sales efficiency of the company – for instance, design and fashion brand, furniture and home decor retailer, travel agency, hotel, restaurant…

Welcome to Design & Travel Communications by Danica Maricic,

Welcome to Design & Travel Communications by Danica Maricic

What is Content for the Web

The term web content refers to articles, photos, videos, and all kinds of creative and fun content that we post on our blogs, websites, and social media. The purpose is to inform, amuse, and engage our blog readers and social media friends, and followers.

When we talk about quality web content for marketing and sales purposes, we talk about articles, photos, and videos that primarily create value for our readers and followers while gently promoting our brand at the same time. The best content creates value for potential customers and is more than just a pitch of brands, products, or services. For example, articles that advise and inspire potential customers – illustrated with beautiful photos, drawings, and videos…

What kind of content suits our marketing and sales efforts best – depends (among other things) on the products/services we promote. Some products/services are optimally promoted through attractive photos and videos, while for others – textual content is the right choice.

Since I specialize in topics of design, travel, and hospitality – I will give a few concrete examples from the mentioned business areas.

How to Design a Workspace Like an Interior Designer,

How to Design a Workspace Like an Interior Designer

Content Marketing Ideas for Interior Design and Fashion Brands

An interior designer’s blog or a webshop that sells furniture and home decor should create content that:

  • informs potential customers on trends in interior design and decoration,
  • advises readers and followers on how to combine the furniture of different styles or how to choose colors according to the function and style of the space,
  • inspires web shop visitors to combine different products from the web shop’s offer to create a cozy and trendy home…

The similar applies to clothing items and fashion accessories.

How to Create a Beautiful Interior in a Feminine Style,

How to Create a Beautiful Interior in a Feminine Style

For example, if a web shop sells sofa sets – some of the topics of the articles/videos are:

  • trends in living room design,
  • how to choose a sofa according to the size and function of the interior space,
  • what color to choose if it is a large/small living room,
  • how to combine sofas with coffee tables and shelves from the store’s offer,
  • what do design trends say about combining two-seaters, three-seaters, and armchairs…
Danica Maricic,pink furniture living room,fuchsia color furniture,colorful sofa ideas,salone del mobile in milan,

Living & Dining Room

If tableware, table linens, and decor are on offer, some of the topics of the articles/videos should be:

  • how to combine different items from the web shop offers,
  • how to set and decorate the table for various events (birthdays, weddings, parties, romantic dinners, business events),
  • what are the glasses for water, wine, champagne,
  • color psychology in the selection of tableware colors (for example, which colors improve appetite),
  • how to decorate or arrange napkins for a particular informal or formal event…

The choice of topics is large. Let your creative juices flow, and have fun.

Danica Maricic, Interior Designer and Editor-in-Chief at

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Creative Content Promotes Travel Destinations, Travel Agencies, Hotels…

Quality content plays an essential role in travel and hospitality marketing communication. For instance, the communication department of a travel agency or hotel, on a company blog, on social media, and in cooperation with print and online media, publishes inspirational articles, photos, and videos about individual tourist destinations and attractions. The mentioned content also regularly includes the offer of travel arrangements or accommodation and contact information of the agency/hotel.

The article reader or social media follower who is interested in the destination can right away, among other things, make a reservation for transportation and accommodation – by using the services of the travel agency or the hotel. That way, travel agencies, and hotels promote travel destinations with creative content marketing – while promoting their services.  

Creative Content Promotes Travel Destinations, Travel Agencies, Hotels,

What to See in Beautiful Hvar – Local Travel Writer’s Tips

Creative content informs, amuses, and engages your readers and social media followers – as well as inspires them to choose your brand’s products and services. Make content marketing an essential part of your promotional mix and – enjoy creating. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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By Danica Maričić

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