What to See in Beautiful Hvar – Local Travel Writer’s Tips

Today, my beloved Hvar celebrates 155 years of organized tourism. Discover more about how it all began in this top Croatian travel destination and enjoy the picturesque sights of Hvar. 🙂

Sightsee the Cultural Attractions in Historic Hvar Town

Hvar has a long tradition of tourism and hospitality. Today, this historic Dalmatian travel destination celebrates 155 years of organized tourism.

The beginning of organized tourism in Hvar is associated with health tourism and the establishment of “The Hygienic Society of Hvar” in 1868, under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Juraj Dubokovic. Nowadays, the natural beauty of this Croatian island, cultural attractions, and the rich tourist offer fulfill the wishes of numerous visitors from all over the world.

As a travel writer – I love to write and talk about the natural and cultural sights of my hometown. In these two articles on the links below, discover what to see in Hvar town. From the picturesque natural sceneries to the most famous cultural attractions, architectural landmarks, and historic styles – sightseeing tells a story about this Dalmatian town throughout the centuries.

Hvar - Sunny Town of Culture,

Hvar – Sunny Town of Culture

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Discover the Best Cultural Attractions in the Hvar Town

Sights, Scents, and Tastes of Milna, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje, and Hvar

Enjoy the inviting sights of vivid natural landscapes throughout Hvar Island – olive groves, vineyards, lavender fields, pine woods, and beaches. Breathe in the calming scent of lavender and freshening sea air. Uncover the story of the lovely historic towns and villages – Milna, Malo Grablje, Velo Grablje, Brusje, and Hvar, and explore Dalmatian traditions. And, of course, amuse your tastebuds with local delicacies. Olives and olive oil, grapes, lavender, lemons, and oranges are among the ingredients of a healthy and delicious Dalmatian diet. Find out more in the article below the photo.

Colours and Scents of Lavender Fields on Hvar Island in Croatia, Antonio Rent Hvar,

What to See on Beautiful Hvar Island – a Guided E-Bike Tour / Photo – Antonio Rent Hvar

Natural Color Palette of Dalmatia – Inspiration to Designers and Writers

The refreshing blueness of the Adriatic Sea and flowers of rosemary; lovely blue/purple color of irises; vivid purple nuances of bougainvillea, violet, lavender, and eggplant; traditional white stone architecture; calming green tones of pine, olive, mint, basil, sage; optimism of yellow color of the sunrays and juicy lemons; warm earthy tones, so-called “terracotta”; red tomato and wine… All of these colors, and many more of them, create the Dalmatian natural color palette and paint this beautiful Croatian region. Check it out in the following two articles.

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A Colorful Journey to Dalmatia

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Relaxing Colors and Scents in Holiday Apartment Design / Photo – Holiday Apartments Stipisic

Welcome to Hvar! Let’s create memories in Dalmatian style. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

Cover Photo – Antonio Rent Hvar

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