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How to Design a Workspace Like an Interior Designer

The foundation of office and home office design is to create an indoor or outdoor space that is functional and comfortable. A workspace design tailored to your needs and wishes – enhances your productivity and creativity and gives you the cozy feeling of being at home. Also, office design has an essential role in company branding. In this article, discover how to design like an interior designer. 🙂

Inspirational Thoughts on Creative Work and Workspace Design

Our profession and the design of our office or home office are essential ingredients of our lifestyle and our happiness. We stay for hours and hours daily in our workspace, so the design of that workspace should be tailored to our needs and wishes to make our stay more pleasant and our work more productive. Working in a cozy office space is the start of a work success story. The story continues when the everyday work inspires and fulfills us, and the business projects make us feel more playful and less stressed. That is a success story. Do you agree?

On the link below, discover 50 inspirational work quotes, joined by eight images of creative and cozy workspaces. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

50 Famous Thoughts – Let’s Work Creatively and Design Our Workspaces,,

50 Famous Thoughts – Let’s Work Creatively and Design Our Workspaces / Photo – Martha Brook

Home Office Design for Productive Work – Interior Designer’s Tips

According to work and workspace design trends, we increasingly work from home – occasionally or full-time. For performing occasional business tasks or working full-time in the comfort of our home – we need a functional and stylish home office that enables us to work easier and in a more comfortable space, which leads to increased productivity.

In the article below, I bring you a few interior design tips on creating a productivity-enhancing and contemporary-styled home office in your house or apartment.

how to design home office space,white work desk with drawers,white desk with wooden legs,home office ideas for small spaces,home office with white desk,

Designer’s Ideas – Home Office Design for Productive Work / Photo – JYSK Croatia

How to Choose the Right Color Palettes and Scents for the Work and Learning Spaces

Individual colors and color palettes, as well as fragrances, have an essential part in the design of spaces for work and learning. They have a beneficial effect on our creativity, productivity, and communication, as well as on refreshing and relaxing us.

In the following article, check out the interior designer’s ideas for choosing the best color palettes and scents for your home office, office, or kids’ learning space.

How to Choose Colors and Scents for the Workspace – Designer’s Tips,

How to Choose Colors and Scents for the Workspace – Designer’s Tips / Photo – Circu

Color Combinations for Creative Workspaces – Big and Small

Cheerful color combinations and vibrant patterns attract our attention immediately upon entering the colorful interior. Have a look at the color palettes of eight creative workspace designs. Find out how to add a touch of Nature to the home office, what kind of wall decor is a great fit for the workspace, and how to design a small home office and artistic interior decor. Let’s color.

world map for home office,travel inspired home office,greenery home office interior design,indoor plants home office,world map mural for wall,

8 Colorful Home Office Designs / Photo – Lovell Johns at

What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

The colors you select for your commercial interior design, as well as the chromatic communication of your business outfits – speak volumes about your personality. In this way, colors play an important role in nonverbal communication – communication without words. For the mentioned reason, colors are also an essential part of a personal brand (the same applies to a company brand).

Read this colorful design story and discover what your favorite color says about your personality, according to color psychology experts.

favourite color red personality,favorite color blue personality,talenti outdoor furniture,designer outdoor armchairs,outdoor light fixtures,

Your Favorite Color Reveals Your Personality / Photo – Talenti

Designer’s Ideas – Greenery in Indoor and Outdoor Offices

Natural inspiration is one of the essential elements of biophilic office design. For instance, floors, walls, furniture, fabrics, and decorative accessories in a green hue create a relaxing workspace that reminds us of being surrounded by trees and bushes.

When it comes to being embraced by Nature, designers present the theme of greenery in the form of numerous plants. Plants are growing in pots throughout the home and office, as well as in the form of indoor vertical gardens and plants as wall art. The natural atmosphere especially awaits you in the outdoor home office space – in your garden, on the terrace, or on the balcony. In this article, find out how workspace designers think green and create indoor and outdoor offices.

outdoor two seater with table,tribu outdoor chairs,olive tree on terrace,home office on the terrace,woman reading on a terrace,

Green Color Combinations for Home Office / Photo – Tribù

Create a Feminine Home Office Design Like an Interior Designer

You communicate skillfully and aspire to be informed about the trendy news. The design of your workspace reveals your creativity through the color palette and decorative details. When choosing the colors for your stylish feminine home office – consider the interior designer’s tips in the following article.

Create a Feminine Home Office Like an Interior Designer,

How to Create a Beautiful Interior in a Feminine Style / Photo – Müller Möbelfabrikation

Office Design Plays a Key Role in the Creation of Company Image

Office space has an important part in creating a positive impression on every employee and visitor, which reflects in the overall image of the company. On the link below, discover a few of the interior designer’s suggestions on how to adjust the office design style according to the type of work that you do and the company image that you wish to create.

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Office Design Creates Company Image / Photo – CUF Milano

Enjoy creating a workspace that fulfills your needs and wishes! Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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