A N E R A Interior Design by Anera Tolic – an Emerging Croatian Designer

Presenting an emerging interior designer is always a pleasure to me, especially if that designer is also one of my best students (I lecture Marketing and Business Communications to Interior Designers at Callegari – Italian School of Fashion and Design).

Read on and discover the creativity of A N E R A Interior Design Brand by Anera Tolić – a young Croatian designer. Anera is sharing with us how she became a designer and turned a hobby into a thriving business, what inspires her when designing an interior, what are her favorite styles in decorating, what types of living spaces she prefers… Also, the article is illustrated with a few of her creative residential design projects. 🙂

A N E R A Interior Design Brand by Anera Tolić

A N E R A Interior Design Brand by Anera Tolić, Living Room and Kitchen Design Project,

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Do what you’re good at. Create a business from a hobby.”

Kitchen Design Project by A N E R A Interior Design Brand, Croatian Interior Designer

“Although design has been my first love all my life, I ended up studying economics and management by chance. I can freely say that college was one of the most beautiful periods in my life. College courses were interesting, the company was great, and there was time for everything.”

Eclectic Dining Room Design Project by Croatian Interior Designer, A N E R A Interior Design Brand by Anera Tolić

“After college, I worked in the economics and management profession for six years. In the final three years, I have started to think more and more often about the sentences written above. It first started as a passing thought in my head until it grew into proactivity and a strong desire to change my life.”

Contemporary Home Office Design Project by Anera Tolić, Croatian Designer and Decorator, White and Yellow Home Office Idea

“I have always been passionate about design, fashion design, jewelry design, and interior design. Creativity has been a part of me since childhood.”

Contemporary Living Room in Neutral Colors,A N E R A Interior Design Brand by Anera Tolić,

“In 2018, I enrolled in a three-year program in interior design at Callegari – Italian School of Fashion and Design. Already in the same year, I started working in the design profession. I won’t forget that feeling of relief and happiness already on the first day of class. I couldn’t wait to do my homework, go out into the field, research materials and styles, and start drawing, and realizing imagined ideas. A year before the end of schooling, project after project began to arrive, and it was time to design and realize my brand.”

White and Black Bathroom Design by Croatian Interior Designer Anera Tolić from A N E R A Interior Design Brand

“Today, I am the happy owner of the A N E R A interior design brand, and the business is in full swing. I collaborate with my colleagues. I do interior design and 3D visualizations for construction and architectural companies.”

Bathroom Design in Neutral Tones,A N E R A interior design brand,

“Each Space Should Be an Extension of the Owner’s Personality”

Contemporary Living Room Design with Blue Corner Sofa and Home Library,A N E R A interior design brand,

“In design, I like to use objects already found in the interior space, especially if the owner is emotionally attached to them. With careful selection, beautiful results and unique interiors can be achieved. Each space should be an extension of the owner’s personality, reflecting her/his style but at the same time respecting the architecture of the building and space.”

“I like the industrial style of decorating the most, which is among the most popular decorating styles nowadays – along with contemporary and Scandinavian styles.”

Trendy Dining Room with Chairs in Different Color and Artistic Pendant Light,Designed by Croatian Interior Designer Anera Tolić

“If I could choose three perfect properties, one would be a living space designed as a LOFT – a modern urban style in interior design characterized by an open space layout and industrial elements in the decor.

The second property would be a cabin in the forest or by the river, designed with a handful of natural materials, high ceilings, exposed beams, and a fireplace in the day and night area.

The third property would be located by the sea, decorated in a minimalist style and neutral colors.

It is very important to me that the interior I decorate is warm, regardless of the style in which it is decorated.

“I Have Turned My Hobby into a Business

Open Space Layout of an Apartment,Residential Design Project by Anera Tolić Croatian Designer

“You can be good at many jobs, you don’t have to love them, but life is easier when you are passionate about your job. Five years after entering the interior design profession, I can truly say that I have turned my hobby into a business. I do what I am good at and in the end, I do what I love.” Anera Tolić

Dear Anera, thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us. 🙂

For all of you who wish to become an interior designer, I say that’s a great idea – go for it. Explore your creativity and design your dream profession. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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By Danica Maričić

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