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Be Engaged in Creating a Sustainable World – 58 Famous Quotes

Let’s design our lifestyle in a way that helps protect and restore our environment. The happier the planet Earth, the happier we’ll be. In this blog post, discover 58 inspirational quotes and find out more about how you can make a difference by creating an eco-friendly and sustainable world around you. 🙂

Love Nature, Respect Nature, Protect Nature

Love Nature, Respect Nature, Protect Nature, 58 Famous Quotes - Create a Sustainable World,
Love, Respect, and Protect All Animals – Go Vegan

“If you love a tree you will be more beautiful than before!” Amit Ray

“If you cut down a forest, it doesn’t matter how many sawmills you have if there are no more trees.” Susan George

“The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth.” Chief Seattle

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.” Sidney Sheldon

“Ten percent of the big fish still remain. There are still some blue whales. There are still some krill in Antarctica. There are a few oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Half the coral reefs are still in pretty good shape, a jeweled belt around the middle of the planet. There’s still time, but not a lot, to turn things around.” Sylvia Earle

“Mankind has probably done more damage to the Earth in the 20th century than in all of previous human history.” Jacques Yves Cousteau

“If we’re destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there’s got to be a very powerful energy to fight that. I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” Ellen DeGeneres

“Take a course in good water and air, and in the eternal youth of Nature, you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.” John Muir

“The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature. We are facing a formidable enemy in this field. It is the hunters… and to convince them to leave their guns on the wall is going to be very difficult.” Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Everything Is Connected

Everything Is Connected, 58 Inspirational Quotes about Environmental Protection and Preservation,
In Harmony with Nature

“Planting a tree is the easiest way to align yourself with the cosmic rhythm.” Amit Ray

“Teaching to care for the Environment is teaching to value Life.” Mohith Agadi

“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” Stewart Udall

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.” Margaret Mead

“If we can create an eco-friendly civilization, that would be a great victory for both humanity and nature!” Mehmet Murat ildan

“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security, and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.” Ban Ki-moon

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” John Muir

“The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we’ll start thinking of doing something about it.” Jim Fowler

“If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either.” Joseph Wood Krutch

The Impact of Our Food on the Environment

The Impact of Our Food on the Environment, Environmental Protection and Preservation - 58 Famous Quotes,
People Become Vegan for Three Major Reasons – for Their Health, for the Animals, for the Environment

“If we gave up eating beef we would have roughly 20 to 30 times more land for food than we have now.” James Lovelock

“Factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to the most serious environmental problems. The meat industry causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world.” Joan Jett

“For me, going vegan was an ethical and environmental decision. I’m doing the right thing by the animals.” Alexandra Paul

Architecture, Design, Fashion – Creating Eco-Chic

Architecture, Design, Fashion – Creating Eco-Chic, You Can Protect and Restore the Environment - 58 Inspirational Quotes,
Bamboo and Rattan Are Among the Most Sustainable Materials

“Design our world so that we have positive social and environmental side effects.” Bjarke Ingels

“Architects in the past have tended to concentrate their attention on the building as a static object. I believe dynamics are more important: the dynamics of people, their interaction with spaces, and environmental condition.” John Portman

“It is extremely important to me that the social and environmental issues associated with the production of fashion clothing are addressed.” Bonnie Wright

Environmental Protection and Economic Development = Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection and Economic Development = Sustainable Development, 58 Inspirational Quotes by Famous People,
Let’s Create a Sustainable World Around Us

“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship, and strengthen governance.” Ban Ki-moon

“Environmental protection and economic development are not in conflict. Environmental protection is not a burden but a source for innovation. It can increase competition, create jobs, and lifts the economy.” Chai Jing

“We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.” Christopher Dodd

“We assume that everything’s becoming more efficient, and in an immediate sense that’s true; our lives are better in many ways. But that improvement has been gained through the massively inefficient use of natural resources.” Paul Hawken

“We can have technology, prosperity, nice homes, and cars, but at the same time, we must be conscious of what we are dumping into the water, the air, and our food.” Kevin Richardson

“Green growth is one vehicle through which technology, globalization, and environmental challenges can be turned from obstacles to solutions for problems related to growth, jobs, and competitiveness.” Chuka Umunna

“More and more companies are reaching out to their suppliers and contractors to work jointly on issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, ethics, and compliance.” Simon Mainwaring

“The growth that we want is one that brings real benefits to the people, raises the quality and efficiency of development, and contributes to energy conservation and environmental protection.” Li Keqiang

“I’ve long believed the environmental issue is an economic issue and a political issue. The three are entwined. You can’t build prosperity on any basis other than a long-term basis, and you can’t do that if you don’t have a healthy environment.” Henry Paulson

“Good environmental policy is good economic policy.” Bernie Sanders

Global Warming – the Hot, Hot, Hot Topic

Seals and Numerous Other Species Are Endangered By Climate Change, best quotes about environment,
Numerous Species Are Endangered By Climate Change

“The most important thing about global warming is this. Whether humans are responsible for the bulk of climate change is going to be left to the scientists, but it’s all of our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for future generations than we found it.” Mike Huckabee

“As you heat the planet up, it’s just like boiling a pot.” Elon Musk

“I have long understood that climate change is not only an environmental issue – it is a humanitarian, economic, health, and justice issue as well.” Frances Beinecke

Energy Conservation and Transition to Clean and Renewable Energy

Energy Conservation and Transition to Clean and Renewable Energy, famous quotes on sustainability,
Wind Energy

“The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil fuels make us less secure as a nation, and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we’ll be.” Lindsey Graham

“Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.” Tom Allen

“We live in a world bathed in 5,000 times more energy than we consume as a species in the year, in the form of solar energy. It’s just not in usable form yet.” Peter Diamandis

“I think the future for solar energy is bright.” Ken Salazar

“It seems to me like Mother Nature’s mercy and forgiveness have run dry, as we ceaselessly abuse her and take her for granted in order for us to continue our addiction to using fossil fuels. I’ve gotta say, I don’t blame her. Not one bit.” Gloria Reuben

“Like every other viable environmental policy, the search for clean energy begins at home.” Roger Scruton

“But reducing harmful emissions, abating our dependence on foreign oil, and developing alternative renewable energy sources have benefits that go beyond environmental health, they improve personal health, enhance national security and encourage our nation’s economic viability.” Jim Clyburn

“Our nation has abundant clean energy resources, and tapping them will generate jobs, make the air safer to breathe, and tackle climate change – the greatest environmental crisis of our time.” Frances Beinecke

The Influence of Transportation on the Environment

Bicycle - Eco-Friendly Transportation and a Creative Place for Beautiful Flowers, The Influence of Transportation on the Environment,
Bicycle – Eco-Friendly Transportation and a Creative Place for Beautiful Flowers

“The environmental effects of the automobile are well known: motor vehicles cause, for example, as much as 75 percent of the noise and 80 percent of the air pollution in our cities, and the industry must face mounting pressure from environmentalists.” Stewart Udall

“I had never been able to get a car that said how much I cared about the environment until I drove electric.” Alexandra Paul

“Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavor – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.” Jeremy Corbyn

We Can Make a Difference

In Lifting Others We Rise, famous quotes on sustainability,

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.” Richard Rogers

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

“Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.” Leonardo DiCaprio

“Local innovation and initiative can help us better understand how to protect our environment.” Gale Norton

“Environmental concern is now firmly embedded in public life: in education, medicine, and law; in journalism, literature, and art.” Barry Commoner

“The goal must be to expand ourselves beyond one field of focus and use our improved access to information to solve the very real and extreme economic, environmental, and resource challenges we face as an interconnected, global society.” Naveen Jain

“We firmly believe that environmental issues cannot be addressed without extensive public participation, but people need to be informed before they can get involved.” Ma Jun

“Environmental justice, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, goes something like this: no community should be saddled with more environmental burdens and less environmental benefits than any other.” Majora Carter

“I really believe in the environmental movement right now – it only takes a little effort to make a big difference.” Brooke Burke

“Journey with me to a true commitment to our environment. Journey with me to the serenity of leaving to our children a planet in equilibrium.” Paul Tsongas

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Peas - a Source of Plant-Based Protein, vegan diet ecological footprint,
Peas – a Source of Plant-Based Protein

The environment is not somewhere out there, in some other city, country, or continent – far from us. The environment is everywhere around us as well as in us. We are what we eat, drink, and breathe in – right? So, whatever we do to our planet – we do to ourselves. The question we should all be asking ourselves is – will our daily choices help protect and restore the environment in which we all live?

Let’s love, respect, and protect Earth. 🙂

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