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Let’s Create in an Earth-Friendly Way – Think Green

Earth is our beloved planet. Let’s think green and create in a way that’s planet-friendly. A sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle is kind to Nature – as well as to us. Whether speaking about design or lifestyle in general, the keywords that lead to healthy and green goals are organic, vegan, recycled, and recyclable… Discover these eight Nature-inspired blog posts. Happy Earth Day! 🙂

Earth Day Is Every Day

Playful forms and cheerful color palettes of Nature create picturesque sceneries all year long. In the blog post on the link below, have a look at 15 inspirational quotes and photos of beautiful natural landscapes. Earth Day is every day – we love her and care about her.

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Earth Day Is Every Day – 15 Photo-Quotes Inspired by the Earth’s Beauty

Love, Respect, and Protect Animals

Animals change our lives for the better and make us happy. Let’s love, respect, and protect all animals. In this blog post, discover 28 inspirational quotes about loving pets.

28 Beautiful Quotes Inspired by Loving Pets,

28 Beautiful Quotes Inspired by Loving Pets

The Benefits of Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic interior design is a nature-inspired creative way to design and decorate homes and workspaces, which helps us to enjoy the advantages of Nature in even the most urban surroundings. In the article on the link below, find out more about biophilia and the benefits of biophilic interior design.

The Introduction to Biophilic Interior Design,,

The Introduction to Biophilic Interior Design / Photo – The Room Stylist

Bamboo – a Sustainable Material

Speaking of sustainable building materials, bamboo is gaining popularity as one of the best solutions. The woody stems of bamboo are a sustainable material from which houses are constructed; floor coverings, various fabrics, furniture, and different home items are made. Garden and interior furniture, tableware, and decorative accessories – just to name a few. Discover more about the symbolism of bamboo.

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Bamboo Symbolism

Eco-Friendly Furniture and Home Accessories from Recycled Industrial Barrels

Industrial barrels are recycled, reclaimed, and transformed into a bookcase, a seat pouf, and a coffee table for your living room; a freestanding washbasin for the bathroom, and an indoor or outdoor pot for plants. Beautiful design objects for a trendy home and office with eco-friendly furniture and home accessories created from recycled industrial barrels. Have a look.

Recycled Industrial Barrels Transformed into Beautiful Furniture,

Recycled Industrial Barrels Transformed into Beautiful Furniture / Photo – Studiododici

Ethnic-Chic Rugs Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Making your home beautiful by combining decorative styles from around the world while being friendly to the environment is a great idea. Recycled (and recyclable) rugs soften your flooring and add a touch of color and ethnic-chic style to your indoor and outdoor space. Discover artistic rugs made of up to 5,400 recycled plastic bottles.

5 Colorful and Trendy Rugs Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles,

5 Colorful and Trendy Rugs Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles / Photo – Weaver Green

Earth-Friendly, Plantable, Vegan, Recycled, Reusable – Gifts

Giving a gift is always a beautiful gesture, especially if the gift to your dear ones is also a gift to our lovely planet. Enjoy these environmentally friendly gifting ideas.

7 Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas - Plantable, Vegan, Recycled, Reusable,

7 Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas – Plantable, Vegan, Recycled, Reusable / Photo – Wrapuccino

Olives and Olive Oil – an Essential Part of a Plant-Based Diet

An organically grown plant-based (vegan) diet is planet-friendly. Olives and olive oil are an essential part of that healthy diet. In the blog post on the link, read healthy food preparation tips, as well as decoration, shopping, and beauty tips with olive oil.

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22 Olive Quotes by Famous Chefs and Celebrities

Earth is our home and our inspiration. Let’s celebrate Earth Day – every day by leading a planet-friendly lifestyle. Loving and respecting Nature, embracing sustainability, designing our homes and offices in eco-chic style, choosing an organically grown plant-based (vegan) diet… Enjoy. 🙂

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