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Recycled Industrial Barrels Transformed into Beautiful Furniture

Discover how to create a trendy home and office with eco-friendly furniture and home accessories created from recycled industrial barrels. Have a look at these 5 of the interior designer’s ideas. 🙂

Environmentally friendly interior design and furnishing solutions are at the very top of the home and office design trends. Sustainable, recycled, upcycled products are kind to our planet as well as creative and stylish. For instance, furniture and home accessories can be made from sustainably-sourced, organic, and vegan materials, recycled and upcycled plastics, metals, glass, reclaimed wood, etc. In this article, discover five eco-friendly furnishing ideas made from industrial barrels.

Industrial barrels are recycled, reclaimed, and transformed into a bookcase, a seat pouf, and a coffee table for your living room; a freestanding washbasin for the bathroom, and an indoor or outdoor pot for plants. Beautiful design objects that find their place from the living area to the home office, from the terrace to the garden – as home libraries, various storage solutions, chairs, ottomans, tables, flower pots, and deposits for gardening items. 

Colorful Bookcase Created from Recycled Industrial Barrel

Include an eco-friendly home library into the design of your trendy living room or home office. This stylish bookcase in the cover photo, made from a recycled industrial barrel, is a colorful addition to interior spaces in industrial style as well as many other contemporary and eclectic decorative styles. Since it’s mobile and can be opened and closed – it makes a home library or a storage solution that can be moved from the reading corner in the living area to the home workspace.

Eco-Friendly Seat Pouf and Storage

Eco-Friendly Seat Pouf and Storage,

Whether you are furnishing your living room, a socializing area in the office, or a showroom – this kind of seat pouf is a trendy idea. Multifunctional and eco-chic, designed from a recycled barrel, this comfy seating furniture also stores books, magazines, bottles…

Stylish Coffee Table for a Party Living Room

Stylish Coffee Table for a Party Living Room,

Party hosting welcomes stylish and practical design solutions. This coffee-table-meets-bar is a party-style addition to a trendy interior space – residential or commercial. Design object made from a recycled industrial barrel.

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From a Recycled Barrel to a Freestanding Washbasin for a Trendy Bathroom

From a Recycled Barrel to a Freestanding Washbasin for a Trendy Bathroom,

First, it was a barrel, and now it’s a freestanding washbasin for an industrial-chic bathroom. Red and stylish – a focal point in the design.

Industrial Barrel Transformed into a Flower Pot

Industrial Barrel Transformed into a Flower Pot,

Add industrial chic to your terrace with this flower pot created from a recycled barrel. This pot and the previously mentioned eco-friendly furnishings are all part of the Barrel12 project.

A sustainable and artisanal recovery that can give each design object a character of uniqueness – that is the creative idea of ​​Francesca Cutini, Italian architect and designer, owner of Studiododici, who regenerates the industrial barrels and transforms them into an ambitious project of design and functional recovery – the Barrel12 project.

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Our planet is our home. From architectural and interior design projects to creating various products – let’s design environmentally friendly. 🙂

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