7 Designer’s Ways to Create a Colorful Picnic Party

Whether you are designing a romantic event for two or a relaxing gathering for family and friends, a creative picnic party is a great idea. Beach, garden, and terrace are some of the outdoor spaces where you can arrange all the design elements and create a stylish picnic scene – surrounded by beautiful sights and sounds of Nature. In this article, discover seven of the designer’s ideas for creating a colorful picnic party.


  • Sea Inspired Picnic Setting on the Beach
  • Light Up Your Picnic Party with Portable LED Lamps
  • Vibrant Colors of a Tropical Theme
  • Sweet Strawberries as a Picnic Theme
  • Refreshing Blue-and-White Décor, Made from a Green Material
  • Teepee Play Tent for Fun Moments in the Garden
  • Picnic Scene by the Pool


Sea Inspired Picnic Setting on the Beach

Let’s start this marine-themed decor story (in the cover photo) by placing a picnic blanket that shows stunning decorative patterns of seaweed in bright red, coral, and ocean tones. Add a dining table made of wooden pallets and decorate it with a table runner or tablecloth that matches the colors and patterns of a blanket.

The other option would be placing a monochrome table runner or tablecloth – in one of the colors from the picnic blanket (red, coral, blue). The same applies to tableware and glassware. Placemats, dishes, and glasses can be one-colored (in the previously mentioned colors) or colorful and match the design of a blanket. Top it off with napkin rings that look like corals, and colorful candles to enhance the romantic mood.

Sit comfortably on soft decorative cushions that are also monochrome – in one of the colors from the color palette. These decorative cushions can all be in the same color or you can spice things up by placing cushions in different colors. (Photo – Cream Cornwall)


Light Up Your Picnic Party with Portable LED Lamps

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Create a playful design in an easy and stylish way. Simply, arrange the colorful cushions on the beach or on the terrace to design noticeable seating spaces. Place a portable LED lamp next to every seating area to light it up. Since these colorful lamps are battery-powered and wireless – you can bring them with you to the picnic. (Photo – Fermob)


Vibrant Colors of a Tropical Theme

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Include the outdoor stairs into the picnic scene and design a vibrant sitting spot. Tropical flora and fauna on the decorative fabrics such as blankets, and cushions – inspire the exotic mood. Additional designer’s tip – compliment the tropical theme with fruit bowls and plates made of bamboo. (Photo – JAB Anstoetz)


Sweet Strawberries as a Picnic Theme

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Strawberries – red and delicious, are an attractive ingredient in a vivid decorating scheme. A stylish picnic blanket featuring strawberry silhouettes on a blush pink ground color sets the scene for this strawberry-themed picnic decor. When choosing plates and glasses, opt for those that are white, pink, red, or green. The same applies to napkins and cushions. A wicker picnic basket exhibits your food with style. The sweet spot for you and your adorable furry friend. (Photo – Sophie Allport)


Refreshing Blue-and-White Décor, Made from a Green Material

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The white and blue color duo instantly reminds us of summer. Eco-friendly outdoor rugs and cushions are a beautiful and practical choice for a summer picnic in the garden or on the beach. Design a refreshing scene for a romantic date – surrounded by Nature and kind to Nature. These soft rugs and cushions are made entirely of recycled bottles. Additional designer’s tip – when placing many decorative cushions with different patterns and an eclectic style mix, connect them with the same color palette into a harmonious decorating scheme. (Photo – Weaver Green)


Teepee Play Tent for Fun Moments in the Garden

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This cute play tent, in pastel colors, is a cozy kid’s corner for daily fun moments in the garden. Rugs and cushions enhance the softness and kindness of this play corner. (Photo – Wayfair)


Picnic Scene by the Pool

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The yellow, green, blue, and white color scheme, in combination with natural decorative patterns, adorn fabrics on these folding beach chairs, and cushions. This decorative scheme blends with the surrounding natural scenery and creates a relaxing pool picnic scene. (Photo – JAB Anstoetz)

Enjoy the picnic party! 🙂 



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By Danica Maričić

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