Light Up Your Outdoor with Portable LED Lamps

Discover 5 portable LED lighting ideas for the outdoor design of your home. Light up your evenings in the garden, on the terrace, or balcony.


Light up your spring and summer evenings in the garden, on the terrace, or balcony – with portable LED lamps. You can carry these colorful lamps to any outdoor or indoor location. Create a playful lighting design for your outdoor area – a romantic nest in the garden or on the beach, a relaxing poolside spot, outdoor living, or a dining room for family moments. Here are five outdoor LED lighting ideas for stylish scenery.

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Set the Lighting Design Scene of Your Outdoor Evenings

These outdoor and indoor lamps are battery-powered and wireless, so you can bring them with you wherever and whenever needed. Easily set the design scene of your outdoor evenings, whether you are relaxing, dining, or, simply, just enjoying the company of your loved ones. 

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Combine different LED lighting fixtures to make your porch brighter and fulfill different lighting needs. Table lamps, floor lamps, lighting stools, garland lights, and lanterns – complement each other and create the design.

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Outdoor living and dining room, as well as the poolside area, these spaces have different lighting needs – depending on their current functions (dining, reading, relaxing, etc.). Place a couple of lanterns or floor lamps around the pool to set a decorative scene of light and reflection. In the dining and living area, combine table and floor lamps to light your evening activities. 

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To design the beach scene, add colors and patterns of decorative pillows and pair them with colorful LED lamps and lanterns. Enjoy the picnic and a relaxing evening on the beach.


Lamps – MOOON! and BALAD by Tristan Lohner Design, INOUÏ by Studio Fermob Design, HOOP by DO Design

Photos and Products – Fermob



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