Create an Outdoor Oasis – a Fiesta of Color, a DIY Drinks Station, a Relaxing Seating Area

Discover how to create a relaxing outdoor oasis in your garden or on the terrace or balcony. Read an expert outdoor living guide from Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill. From colorful balcony styling to DIY bars and garden solar lighting, there’s something for every style, size, and budget.


Design and decorate your garden, terrace, or balcony space for hosting friends and family in stylish outdoor spaces this summer. Get the garden ready for a seasonal soirée with a fiesta of color, a DIY drinks station, relaxing seating, and more with and Wayfair.

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6 Decorating Tips by Nadia McCowan Hill
  • Beautiful Balconies – How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space
  • DIY Garden Bar – A Clever and Inexpensive Idea to Create Your Own Bar to Serve Refreshing Cocktails and Mocktails
  • Courtyard Garden – How to Design a Cozy Seating Oasis
  • Garden Armchairs for a Comfy Reading Nook
  • Practical Parasols with Style
  • Energy-Efficient Garden Lighting – Outdoor Solar Lights
Beautiful Balconies – How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space

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“If you’re working with a small outdoor space, there is still plenty you can do to make the most of it. Some clever, compact furniture will help to maximize your garden’s full potential, creating your very own urban retreat. For balconies, foldaway metal bistro sets offer flexibility, they can be easily stowed away and are a lightweight, contemporary choice. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. A bold, bright shade will instantly lift a space. Borrow storage baskets from inside during the warmer months and move houseplants to a sunny spot for a quick green foliage fix, be sure to move them back inside in the event of unpredictable weather conditions!”

DIY Garden Bar – A Clever and Inexpensive Idea to Create Your Own Bar to Serve Refreshing Cocktails and Mocktails

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“Warm days are made for making memories with friends and family in the garden, soaking up the sounds of summer with the hum of bees, and birds. Add a new dimension to your outdoor space with your very own garden bar to serve refreshing cocktails and mocktails. A clever and inexpensive idea to save on a customized bar is to give a simple wooden potting table a crafty makeover. Requiring minimum DIY skills, simply choose your paint color and grab your paintbrush. Be sure to give it a couple of coats and check the type of paint is suitable for outdoor use.”

Courtyard Garden – How to Design a Cozy Seating Oasis

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“In a courtyard garden, rather than trying to fill the space with a few pieces of furniture, one larger statement piece that fills the area can actually make it appear bigger. A comfy, corner sofa will transform a narrow space into another room of your home for entertaining. Choose a weatherproof frame with removable cushions that can be easily stored away inside if you don’t have the space to move furniture inside a garage or shed in colder months. An outdoor corner sofa is an ideal foundation to layer from to create a cozy oasis, adding solar festoon lighting, cushions, throws, and a chiminea to maximize time in your garden after the sunset.”

Garden Armchairs for a Comfy Reading Nook

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“Just as a statement armchair indoors can transform an unused area into a comfy reading nook and instantly refresh a room, they can have the same impact in your garden. A brilliant option if you’re looking to get your hands on the must-have trend of 2022, the solid wood Aamani Garden Chair is a brilliant example of how garden furniture design has really leveled up. Beautifully crafted from managed and sustainable acacia hardwood timbers, the heavy-duty cushions are shower resistant and have a generous 15 cm filling designed for ultimate comfort. The generously sized footstool doubles up as extra seating or somewhere to put your feet up.”

Practical Parasols with Style

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“A parasol will not only add some extra shade to an outdoor space but can also quickly refresh the overall look of your garden. Combining practicality and style, choose a parasol with a personality to add a splash of color to your patio. Creating a covered space for dining and entertainment, a parasol can also help to zone an area, adding height and structure. To keep parasols looking their best, make sure they’re closed when not in use, but open them out to dry if they get wet.”

Energy-Efficient Garden Lighting – Outdoor Solar Lights

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“Solar lighting is a brilliant way to add some extra warmth and light to your outdoor space, without having to worry about extension wires or a garden power source. A brilliant practical purchase for some added safety, line pathways, and frame garden borders with slim solar stake lighting or some contemporary outdoor lanterns. Free to run, outdoor solar lights are an economical addition, with no need for batteries or electricity. Super energy-efficient, integrated LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, making them a long-lasting garden accessory that will cast a warm white glow.”

Enjoy your leisure time in stylish outdoor spaces. 🙂



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