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5 Colorful and Trendy Rugs Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Discover artistic rugs made of up to 5,400 recycled plastic bottles – yet amazingly, as soft to the touch as the ones made of traditional materials. Bring eco-friendly decor to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Decorate the floors with colorful, ethnic-chic-inspired, and trendy rugs.


Environmentally Friendly and Ethnic-Chic Floor Coverings

  • Iris Coral Rug – Geometric Design and a Splash of Color
  • Darjeeling Rainbow Rug – Bohemian Style
  • Andalucia Zahara Rug – Colorful Mediterranean Flair
  • Kasbah Ink Rug – Moroccan-Inspired Design
  • Kasbah Nimbus Rug – Moroccan-Themed


Sustainable ideas and eclectic styles are at the top of the list of trends in interior design. In other words, trendy is making your home beautiful by combining decorative styles from around the world while being friendly to the environment. Recycled (and recyclable) rugs soften your flooring and add a touch of color and ethnic-chic style.

Hand-made by skillful artisan weavers, rugs from Weaver Green are created from up to 5,400 recycled plastic bottles. These rugs are a stylish flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor rooms, including areas of heavy traffic in your home.

According to the manufacturer, flat-woven rugs offer especially resistant protection and are a practical choice for heavy traffic zones. For those spaces in the home requiring a cozier ambiance, such as bedrooms, open-weave floor coverings provide a snuggly feeling as you pad softly on your way.


Iris Coral Rug – Geometric Design and a Splash of Color

This striking coral-colored rug (in the cover photo) brings a pop of color to neutral-toned rooms and hallways. Flat woven coral-colored rugs are made from the toughest weave, so you can place them all around the home and even outside. Also, these eco-friendly rugs are a practical option for homes with pets.

Featuring a geometric design, this Coral Iris Rug adds a splash of color to living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and other high-traffic areas.


Darjeeling Rainbow Rug – Bohemian Style

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These trendy boho rugs combine vivid colors and an array of stripes to brighten any home. Hand-woven with a tightly finished kilim weave, these environmentally friendly rugs are soft and hard-wearing. That makes them a great choice for kids’ rooms, playrooms, living areas, and high-traffic zones. The bright and vibrant colors of these bohemian rugs will lift the mood of any space. They can even be placed outdoors and make for the stylish boho camping rug – in combo with Darjeeling-inspired cushions and throws.


Andalucia Zahara Rug – Colorful Mediterranean Flair

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Bring the colorful Mediterranean flair into your home decor with Zahara Rugs – made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Featuring faded tones and a geometrical pattern, they fit into many styles – contemporary and traditional.

These gorgeous red, grey, and coral-colored rugs are great for kitchens, hallways, and other busy spaces, as well as outdoor balconies, terraces, and gardens.


Kasbah Ink Rug – Moroccan-Inspired Design

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This eco-friendly blue Moroccan rug features the toughest weave which makes it a practical choice for living rooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas – indoors and outdoors. Featuring a geometric Moroccan-inspired design, this navy and grey patterned rug is a trendy floor covering.


Kasbah Nimbus Rug – Moroccan-Themed

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This stylish Moroccan-inspired indoor and outdoor rug is for anyone looking to add a touch of North African design to their environment-friendly home decor. Soft as wool yet made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, this beautiful rug combines natural stone and grey tones with soft blues to create a simple and understated design.

For summer evenings – the rugs look just at home on a campsite or the beach as they do in a kitchen, hallway, or bedroom.


Weaver Green points out that these rugs are made from as many as 5,400 recycled plastic bottles and hand-woven by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in weaving houses, committed to employing skilled adults, who are paid fairly and enjoy comfortable and fair working conditions.



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