How to Design a Beautiful Summer Outdoor Oasis

In the summertime, gardens, terraces, and balconies are vibrant places for refreshment, enjoyment, and socializing. In this article, discover how to design these beautiful summer outdoor spaces like a designer.

Have a look at fruit and vegetable-inspired tablescapes, stylish settings for picnic parties, modern bird baths and bird feeders with water bowls, eco-friendly outdoor accessories, contemporary summer garden houses, outdoor dining and living areas, portable lighting ideas, gardens, terraces, and balconies designed by designers. 🙂

Colorful Fruit and Vegetable-Themed Tableware

Juicy vegetables and fruits bring us delicious refreshments during hot summer days. Stylish fruit and vegetable-inspired tableware – shaped and colored to look like watermelon, melon, pineapple, artichoke, and cabbage – enrich your summer tablescape with their vibrant colors and natural forms. These lovely plates, platters, and bowls can be the focal point of your everyday tablescapes or summer table decorating themes.

Whether you are dining indoors or alfresco, a plant-based diet and plant-inspired tableware are the best choices for summer refreshment. In the article on the link below, discover a few of the interior designer’s tips on how to set your dining table with the theme of fruits and vegetables to create a garden-themed tablescape.

Colorful Tableware Designs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables,,

Colorful Tableware Designs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables / Photo (and Cover Photo) – Bordallo Pinheiro and Micucci Interiors

Design a Vibrantly-Colored Summer Outdoor Picnic Party

Summer picnic party on the beach, on the terrace, and in the garden is a fun idea for a romantic date or a relaxing gathering for family and friends. Mix and match all the design elements and create a colorful picnic scene – surrounded by the beauty of Nature.

Sea-inspired or tropical-themed picnic, sweet as strawberries, cute as a play tent, or refreshing as a blue and white color duo, lit-up evening party on the beach or by the pool – follow the link below to find seven of the designer’s ideas for creating a vibrantly-colored outdoor picnic party.

7 Designer’s Ways to Create a Colorful Picnic Party,

7 Designer’s Ways to Create a Colorful Picnic Party / Photo – Cream Cornwall

Create an Outdoor Oasis for Birds

In the summertime, when the temperatures rise – it’s the perfect time for refreshment in the garden. We are all looking forward to the cooling effect of water during these high temperatures. Birds also need cooling with water.

Create an outdoor oasis for them by placing bird baths or bird feeders with water bowls. That’s a kind way to provide birds with a daily supply of clean water for drinking and bathing. In the article on the link below, look at five designs of bird baths and bird feeders with water bowls.

Garden Bird Baths and Bird Feeders with Water Bowls,

Garden Bird Baths and Bird Feeders with Water Bowls / Photo – OPOSSUM Design

Decorative Accessories Made from Recycled Materials

Designing and decorating our homes ecologically is a top trend worldwide. When choosing cushions, blankets, throws, rugs, and flower pots for your garden – go for those made from sustainable or recycled materials. For example, outdoor cushions and blankets from recycled plastic bottles, rugs from recycled fabrics, plant pots made from industrial barrels… Find out more in the article below the photo.

5 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Ideas, Summer Outdoor Design,,

5 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Ideas / Photo – Weaver Green

Creative Summer Garden House Inspiration

The summer garden house is a functional and stylish way to construct an additional living space for year-round enjoyment. This tiny house in the garden is a sweet space for relaxing, entertaining, reading, working, and creating your artwork…

It can be designed as a grown-up’s or kids’ playroom, outdoor living and dining room, garden bar, a reading retreat, a creative studio, a home office, or a storage space – just to mention a few options. Discover more in the article below the photo.

8 Summer Garden House Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment,,

8 Summer Garden House Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment / Photo – Green Retreats

How to Style Summer Outdoor Living and Dining Areas

Look at the designer’s ideas for styling colorful outdoor living and dining rooms. Read what materials are the optimal choice for tables, chairs, and lounge chairs, how to combine decorative styles, colors, and patterns, and what contemporary trends in outdoor design suggest.

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Design Ideas – Outdoor Living and Dining Rooms / Photo – EGO Paris

Portable LED Lamps for Gardens, Terraces, and Balconies

Create a practical and decorative lighting design for the outdoor space – a romantic nest in the garden or on the beach, a relaxing poolside spot, an outdoor living, or a dining room for family gatherings. Light up your summer evenings with portable LED lamps. Have a look at these five outdoor LED lighting ideas.

portable outdoor lights battery powered,mobile led lamp ideas,portable led lights for camping,designer lamps for garden,creative garden lighting ideas,

Light Up Your Outdoor with Portable LED Lamps / Photo – Fermob

Design a Summer Outdoor Space Like a Designer

Find out how to design a summer outdoor oasis like a designer. Discover the gentleness of a neutral color palette, the vibrant feel of Caribbean-themed decor, the refreshing white and blue combination of Oriental and Mediterranean styles, the beautiful colors of the world in the eclectic outdoor spaces, the family feel of a house with a white picket fence. Enjoy these 20 lovely photos of the creative garden, terrace, balcony, porch, and deck designs.

summer outdoor spaces,how to create a garden design,designer outdoor furniture ideas,outdoor terrace decorating ideas,creating a relaxing outdoor space,girl sitting by pool,

20 Outdoor Spaces Created by Designers / Photo – Tribù

Enjoy the vibrant creativity of summer vibes and have fun decorating your outdoor oasis. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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