Enjoy the Most Wonderful Beaches in Hvar, Croatia

Discover top bays, coves, and beaches in the vicinity of the vibrant town of Hvar on the beautiful Croatian island of the same name. Feast your eyes on the colorful sceneries designed by the best designer of all times – Mother Nature. Fall in love with the blueness of the Adriatic Sea, the lush greenery of pine trees, the whiteness of pebbled beaches, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and undersea landscapes. Enjoy beach time, lounging, and dining in a relaxed Dalmatian style. Find out more in this article written by a local travel writer, and contact Antonio Rent for additional tips and private tours. 🙂

Mala Milna

Mala Milna (Small Milna) is a lovely cove rich in natural beauty – olive trees, lavender… This delightful cove is located about 4 kilometers from the town of Hvar, on the south side of the island of Hvar, soaking the rays of sunshine. You can reach Mala Milna by e-bike, car, or private boat transfer – whichever suits you best.

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Of the local hospitality services offered, there is the family-run restaurant named after the cove – Mala Milna. The menu includes food and beverages that make up the essence of the Mediterranean diet – such as home-grown vegetables, olive oil, and wines.

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Enjoy the relaxing chirping of crickets and the sound of the waves, stunning views of the sea, and a pebbled beach surrounded by the lush greenery of pine trees, agave plants, and aromatic herbs for which Hvar is well-known…


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In the article Sightsee Vibrant Hvar Island on a Guided E-Bike Tour, I guided you to the traditional Dalmatian village of Malo Grablje, which tells the tale of the lifestyle on the island of Hvar as it once was. In this article, discover another rustic gem – the small, abandoned village of Zaraće on the rocky cliffs of the south coast of the famous island of Hvar. Beneath this scenic village, two vivid coves charm the visitors with their delightful landscapes – above the surface of the sea as well as below the surface.

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Velo Zaraće (Large Zaraće) is an east-facing cove, and Malo Zaraće (Small Zaraće) is a west-facing cove – about 6 kilometers from the town of Hvar.

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Both of these picturesque coves, pebbled beaches, and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea are beach destinations to enjoy, whether you are looking for family time relaxation, diving, sightseeing the underwater landscape, or romantic date ideas. If you are looking for a tasty Dalmatian meal or accommodation near the beach – there are restaurants, vacation houses, and villas in Velo Zaraće. If you are looking for an e-bike, scooter, automobile, or boat to get you there – Antonio Rent is here for you.


Dubovica Beach, Where to Swim in Hvar - Trendy Beaches and Hidden Gems,, Antonio Rent Hvar

The picturesque bay of Dubovica, one of the most popular beach destinations among locals and tourists alike, is located approximately 8 km from the town of Hvar on the southern coast of this lovely Dalmatian island. This famous picnic spot with a white pebble beach of a crescent shape, a turquoise sea, and a scenic undersea can be reached by bike, scooter, car (plus walking downhill for about 5-10 minutes), or boat.

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Beautiful Dubovica is known for its centuries-long country-house tradition. Among the traditionally built stone houses, you’ll see the country house of the Kasandrić family. Some of the houses and villas offer accommodation for a relaxing beachside vacation. For the after-the-beach-refreshment, check out the charming beach bar with a lounge vibe and a restaurant next to the pebbled beach.

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A romantic date tip – enjoy the beach picnic while admiring the colors of a sunset at sea.

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Lučišća Beach, Enjoy Beautiful Beaches in Hvar – Local Travel Writer’s Tips,

The charming beach is hidden in a cove of Lučišća at the foot of about 500-meter-high cliffs in the vicinity of the village of Sveta Nedjelja. The best way to reach this natural gem is by boat. The pebble beach of Lučišća, bathed in crystal clear Adriatic Sea and embraced by the greenery of pine forest, is a great place to unwind. Warm sun rays and the calming song of crickets design a relaxing beach time full of optimism.

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Paklinski Islands – Hvar Archipelago

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Near Hvar, a group of nearby islets stands in all their majestic beauty, the closest of which is only a few minutes away from the town of Hvar. For everyone who prefers a more relaxed way of recreation, hikes through the forests and vegetation of the islets in the Paklinski Islands archipelago are recommended. Their name, Paklinski, comes from the word “paklina” – a type of pine resin used in shipbuilding in the previous centuries.

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The scents of aromatic herbs and the “singing” of crickets relieve everyday stress and bring new strength to the horizon. For a pause from walking – swimming, sunbathing, and resting in the shade of pine trees in the hidden coves of the Hvar archipelago will come in handy. For those who are looking for local gastro delights, traditional Dalmatian refreshments are on offer in restaurants in Palmižana, Vlaka, Ždrilca, Stipanska, and on the islet of Jerolim.

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In the bay of Palmižana on the northeastern coast of the beautiful island of Sv. Klement (St. Clement) is also home to the nautical marina of the same name representing a safe harbor for sailors and a centre for food supplies.

A few minutes walk through the pine forest from the marina to the other side of the island, and you’ll reach the other part of Palmižana – where sandy and pebbled beaches, stylish lounge bars, and gourmet restaurants invite you to stay a while and enjoy this trendy location. The bay of Vinogradišće on the southern coast of the island of Sv. Klement is surrounded by refreshing sights and scents of pine, heather, and rosemary – traditional for aromatic Dalmatian islands.

The Meneghello family is among the most well-known and versatile restaurateurs in this area, who have been offering tourists accommodation in several artistic bungalows and villas in Palmižana for a long time, as well as delicious delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurant. They also brought many plants from all over the world and grew a wonderful exotic garden known as Palmižana’s Garden. For artists and art lovers – The Škorpion Art Gallery is nowadays the established venue for exhibitions, especially those of young Croatian artists.

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As the name of a trendy lounge bar in Palmižana suggests – Laganini (take it easy). So, book Antonio Rent’s private boat tour, sit comfortably, relax, enjoy the view, and discover why is Palmižana among the most famous beaches in the Paklinski Islands.

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Ždrilca and Mlini

Ždrilca and Mlini Beaches, Enjoy the Best Beaches in Hvar - Tips by Locals,, Antonio Rent Agency

On the islet of Marinkovac, which is among the natural beauties of the Paklinski Islands archipelago, a charming cove of Ždrilca has been attracting swimmers as well as food lovers for years. The blueness of the Adriatic Sea and the greenness of the pines will relax you, and the culinary delights of a few family-run restaurants will reveal why the Dalmatian diet is so popular. Speaking of the mesmerizing blueness of the sea, feast your eyes on the turquoise color of the sea around the beach of Mlini – one of the most loved beaches of the Hvar archipelago.

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Both Ždrilca and Mlini are easily accessible by boat and only a few minutes from the harbor of Hvar.

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Welcome to the best beaches in Hvar! Swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, sunbathing on pebbled beaches, listening to the relaxing chirping of crickets while resting in the pine tree forests, and enjoying the traditional Dalmatian refreshments – a picture-perfect summer vacation, designed in the style of Hvar. 🙂

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Look at the original article I wrote about the beaches in Hvar. For more Hvar travel inspiration, check out related articles on Antonio Rent’s blog and’s Travel category.

Photos by Antonio Rent and Danica Maricic

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