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Designer’s Ideas – 11 Colorful Posts for a Joyful Design

The world of colors is imaginative and always interesting, just like the colors themselves. Their combination possibilities inspire the artist in all of us and reveal the colors of our character. I love colors! Their charm inspired me to create for you these 11 colorful blog posts for a joyful design. 🙂 


Nature brings a wealth of colors to the landscapes, as well as to the interior spaces. All the colors of the spectrum smile at us from the furniture, curtains, cheerful decor, and bed linen on which entire color palettes of natural landscapes have been painted. Decorative motifs in our homes and their bright colors depict all four seasons of the year – gentle winter snowflakes, vibrant spring florals, refreshing summer seascapes, and warm autumn leaves.

The colors you choose for your home, or office space, just like the colors of your clothes, reveal something about you. For instance, red color reveals my passion, blue and green show my relaxed side, and pink and purple speak about my artistic nature…

One, two, or more colors will give the interior design a touch of their charm. There are a couple of rules for combining colors that should be matched to individual wishes and needs, as well as creative inspiration. Discover more in the following articles.

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Red – the Color of Love and Happiness


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Blue Color – Design and Psychology


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Yellow Color Optimism in Design


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Interior Designer’s Ideas – Think Green


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Complementary Colors in Home Décor


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Relaxing Colors and Scents in Holiday Apartment Design


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Designer’s Ideas – Lights and Colors of Holiday Décor


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Colorful Photo Quotes – in Love with Colors


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Design Ideas – How to Choose Colors for Every Room


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Color Symbolism – Design and Decor


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Design & Style Quiz – Are You a Color Connoisseur?


Enjoy the beauty of colors. 🙂



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By Danica Maričić

Interior Designer and Integrated Marketing Communications Pro, Loving Writing and Photography, Passionate about Life & Style, “True Blue” Mediterranean Girl, Curious Traveller & Designer