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Designer’s Ideas – Lights and Colors of Holiday Décor

As a designer, I love creating holiday decorations, mixing and matching lights, colors, ornaments, fabrics, sweets. Here are a couple of design ideas for creating festive dining and living rooms.   


Winter holidays are here, bringing a bright and festive atmosphere, in which light and glittering decorations transform your home and office into a palace.  


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Whether you prefer the sophistication and luxurious touch of classic decorating styles or the sheer elegance of contemporary ornaments – holiday interior decorating for Christmas and New Year is a great way to enjoy being creative. Christmas tree, gold and silver decorations, the art of table setting and napkin folding, luxurious fabrics, festive lights – create a beautiful holiday décor indoors and outdoors.


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Christmas wreath with golden bells, and sweet chocolate delights, welcomes guests at the front door or the living room door and gives them a cheerful Christmas greeting.


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Holiday Color Scheme

Decorative red plates matched with a red or red-white tablecloth and dining chairs in the same color visually warm up the dining room. Red baubles and red hearts on the Christmas tree in the living room have the same effect. It is believed that the presence of red color during New Year’s celebrations brings happiness and success all year round.


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The primary color red is an important ingredient of the holiday color palette. As an example, let’s mention the clothing of Santa Claus, whose joyful character entertains us in many decorative forms – Christmas tree ornaments, figurines, candles, pillows, and blankets. Joining Santa Claus, the snowman and snowflakes also arrive in our winter home decor, bringing the cooling effect of white color, which is an excellent counterbalance to the fiery red.


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With the refreshing white-red color combination and the complementary red and green hues, the glittering decorative touch to the interior is added by the gold-silver, green-gold, red-gold, red-silver, white-silver color combinations, as well as other metallic color palettes.


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Gold and silver-plated ornaments and other metallic holiday decorations sparkle due to the reflection of light, which makes the dining and living room more festive and luxurious, especially when these sparkling decorations are combined with tablecloths made of velvet, satin, brocade, organza, damask, and other luxurious fabrics.


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Holiday Table Décor Ideas

Setting the festive holiday table is an essential element of home decorating for the holidays, because the dining room is the central socializing area during this joyous time of year when all food lovers come into their own, and the culinary delights are the only thing richer than the gold and silver ornaments.


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The decorative scheme begins with a tablecloth and tablecloth toppers which are often made of rich fabrics and ornamented with all kinds of decorative motifs, for example, stylized flowers or geometric patterns. If you wish to accentuate the tablecloth, it is recommended to choose monochrome (one-colored) plates and other pieces of tableware. Of course, monochrome does not necessarily mean simple, since the relief texture and unusual shapes of plates have a significant impact on their visibility and style. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize plates or the centerpiece, it is recommended to select a monochrome tablecloth.


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The required elements of every holiday table setting are festive cutlery in matte or gloss variations, as well as wine and champagne glasses. Decorative napkin folding is also a creative way to add an artistic touch to the table décor. Napkins can be folded in a variety of forms, such as flowers, leafs, ties – or decorated with metal and crystal jewelry, and Christmas tree decorations.


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Centerpiece for Festive Dining Table 

The table centerpiece (central table decoration) can be created in the form of the miniature Christmas tree, Christmas tree baubles placed on a metal or glass decorative plate, fruit and vegetable arrangements, flower arrangements, golden stars, chocolate candies wrapped in gold or silver foil, candles placed on a mirror base, decorated with crystals or beads; and many other possibilities. 


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To highlight the beauty of ornaments, it is advisable to place them on a contrasting background – for example, a golden decoration on a green tablecloth, or a silver ornament on a red tablecloth. On the other hand, if you prefer that plates and glasses blend in with the tablecloth – combine similar colors and decorative patterns.


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All in all, the holiday season brings lights and festive decorations, and most importantly, a joyful feeling to our homes.


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