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Yellow Color Optimism in Design

With the arrival of spring, the days get brighter, and nature seems to be waking from a dream. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing number of sunny days because the rays of sunshine give everything a more optimistic and colorful appearance. In the same way, the yellow color creates cheerful indoor and outdoor design and decor.

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The warmth and light of this sunny hue is a great choice for decorating rooms where there is no natural light, such as lobbies and corridors, with pastel-yellow walls that paint the brightness of a sunny day.

In the monochromatic color scheme, it is interesting to see a mixture of several different tints, tones, and shades of yellow – from gold and caramel to lemons and flowers. The cheerful atmosphere of the bedroom and living room is created by combining yellow with white or yellow with brown if the room is large.

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Through teamwork with red and blue, this primary color created all the other colors of the color wheel (secondary and tertiary colors). The combination of primary hues is often found in the decor of children’s rooms, as it creates a playful interior.

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The company of complementary purple emphasizes the energy of the yellow hue, so when these two colors come together, a true creative duo is created.

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The palette made of light blue and vibrant yellow brings a refreshing cocktail to the interior design to brighten up a cloudy day. This combination is a quality solution when decorating the workroom, living room, and office space, as yellow encourages learning, and blue has a positive effect on communication. Golden tones are also welcomed in decorating the rooms where one learns and expresses creatively.

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The pair of red and yellow is a decorative fire that creates very active rooms. Yellow and pink is an energetic couple that, in addition to unusual forms of furniture and decorative objects, creates an artistic interior and exterior space.

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Yellow and green, with the addition of floral patterns on fabrics and furniture, transform the interior into a cheerful spring exterior. This interesting warm-cool color match makes a golden setting, so it is suitable for designing any indoor and outdoor space. Neutral tones, especially white, are also a welcome addition to this color scheme.

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In the Oriental philosophy – Feng Shui, primary yellow creates harmony in every direction of the movement of energy. The vibrant tints of this sunny color are more yang and create active interiors, so they are more often applied on small surfaces. The pale yellow tones are more yin, i.e. passive, so we can paint all the walls and large surfaces in these tones, even in the bedrooms and other spaces where relaxation is the main function.

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Can a fondness for a particular color reveal one’s personality? The psychology of color suggests that the lovers of yellow are vital and vibrant, actively involved in everything that goes on around them, are spontaneous, love to communicate and explore, and cope well with challenges.

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This invigorating color brings new energy to the interior and exterior, therefore, it can be the active ingredient in any design scheme, regardless of which of its many tints, tones, and shades will best blend in with the aesthetics and functionality of the indoor or outdoor space.

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