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Green Color Combinations for Home Office

Refreshing and relaxing, the green color is at the very top of trendy colors for interior decorating. The same applies to home office décor. This secondary hue brings the freshness of nature into the home workspace interior in various tints, tones, and shades.

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In addition to floors, walls, furniture, fabrics, and decorative accessories in a green hue, the design theme of greenery is also present in the form of many plants that are growing in pots placed in all rooms of the home and office, as well as in the form of indoor vertical gardens and plants as wall art. The natural atmosphere especially awaits you in the outdoor office space – your garden or terrace. What do you think about reading or working on your laptop – while surrounded by olive and pine trees?  

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How to create a relaxing home workspace?

Color therapy experts say that green is one of the most relaxing colors. This color of plants calms the mind, body, and spirit. When green is combined with yellow – the color of sunshine, and lavender and lilac – the colors of flowers – this calming and joyful color palette balances the entire organism. Yellow, lavender, and lilac are very optimistic colors and great companions to the relaxing green. Blue hue brings inner peace, and in combination with green creates the harmonic analogous scheme (three colors that are situated next to each other on the color wheel such as, for example, blue, blue-green and green, or green, green-yellow and yellow, etc.).

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Combining green and blue brings relaxation, which makes this colorful duo a harmonic counterbalance to the stressful lifestyle we often lead. In addition to the colors of furniture and decorative accessories, there is another effective way to bring green and blue into your home office design. Place a photo or a painting with the calming motif of forest or sea on the wall in front of the work desk (or a window/door with a garden or sea view). In other words, create a workplace with a calming view.

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Yellow and green hues, especially when matched with floral patterns on fabrics and furniture, transform the interior into a cheerful spring exterior. This lovely warm and cool color duo is suitable for designing any room.

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Complement colors with scents and design your home workspace as a wellness oasis. Put a couple of scented candles or an aroma lamp on the work desk or somewhere nearby. For example, the relaxing scents are those of lavender and chamomile, and citrus fruits are very refreshing.

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How to design a dynamic and artistic home office?

Green and red are the well-known hues of love that attract and complement each other thus creating a dynamic indoor or outdoor space. Fiery red is the primary hue whose complement is the refreshing green – the secondary hue created by merging the remaining two primary colors – yellow and blue. When matched together, the cool green brings warm red into balance – by joining it with the other two primary hues of the spectrum. Red, the strongest of all colors, symbolizes passion and warmth and stimulates creativity. Her complementary partner – the harmonious and calming green represents Nature and relaxation and is a sight for sore eyes.

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Green and purple or pink create an artistic interior design, the same as green and orange combination. All of these colors will add a touch of creativity to the home office design.

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According to aromatherapy experts, the scents of lemon, cinnamon, and peppermint improve concentration and thus might enhance your productivity.

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