5 Top Interior Decorating Trends for 2022

Japandi and cottage styles, warm and vibrant color palettes, highlighted walls are the top interior decorating trends for the year 2022. Find out more.


From decorating trends inspired by the beauty of Nature to fresh and vibrant color schemes, 2022. is shaping up to be an exciting year for interior design and decor. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at UK brand Furniture And Choice, shares the top 5 interior decorating trends and how to get the trendy look at home.


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Japandi Style – East-Meets-West

A meeting point of two decorating styles that make a stylish pair – Scandinavian design and Japanese interiors. Japandi is an East-meets-West trend that combines relaxing, minimalist décor with a neutral color palette and natural materials. “Japandi’s calming interior style encourages slow living,” Rebecca says. “With a huge shift in lifestyles, many of us have been looking for ways to lead a more balanced life.”

“One of the aspects of Japandi interiors is to reconnect with nature to boost our overall wellbeing. Channel this in the dining room with an oak dining table, linen tablecloth, earthen tableware, and wooden cutlery. Touches of greenery complete the look.”


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Highlighted Walls and Textured Wallpaper

A lot of interior decorating trends for the year 2022. are inspired by hope and optimism. One such trend is bold and colorful feature wall patterns.

“A geometric wall with a color block effect perks up a child’s bedroom with a big dose of personality,” Rebecca says. “Keep the rest of the room simple with a fresh white wooden bed for a light and airy feel.”

If a geometric-patterned feature wall seems a bit over the top, textured wallpaper is a toned-down option and brings just as much impact. “Choose textured wallpaper with a tactile effect as it mimics the look and feel of real materials and adds dimension to your room. For example, pick a wallpaper with a wood effect to give your space an elegant look.”



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Earthy Clay Tones for a Warm and Calming Interior

Calming and comforting earthy tones such as terracotta are popular searches online, as revealed by sites like Pinterest. “The term ‘terracotta walls’ has increased by 86 percent in the UK over the past year,” Rebecca reports. “These reddish-brown and tan colors will be a top pick for autumn and winter trends and sets the scene for elegant layering.”

“In the bedroom, match a reddish clay backdrop with a grey velvet bed and cozy linen bedding for a calming (and grounding) feel. As a finishing touch, decorate with colorful flowers and chic ceramic accessories.”


Yellow – the Color of Optimism

In the year 2022., expect to see bright and bold color trends such as Farrow & Ball’s ‘Babouche No. 223’. “This cheerful and uplifting yellow hue gives any space a welcoming touch,” Rebecca says.

Apply this optimistic color as an accent color to brighten up a room (as seen in the cover photo). “Introduce a yellow staircase to give the living room an unexpected twist,” Rebecca says. “Choose a neutral base of white walls and a grey sofa to anchor the room and to highlight the burst of yellow. Complement the staircase through colorful artwork and cushions.”


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Cottage Style

Taking decorating inspiration from idyllic pastoral fantasies, cottage core embraces country-style living and a whimsical aesthetic. “Cottage core is a trend that has quickly gained attention from social media and tapped into interiors and fashion,” Rebecca explains.

Bring this decorative style to the bedroom with the help of a muted color palette and touches of foliage. “Layer a warm white or cream backdrop with green accents to create an English country cottage feel,” Rebecca says. “A white wooden bed instantly adds a rustic touch alongside accessories such as a rattan basket and pampas grass.”




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