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8 Colorful Bedding Ideas for Autumn and Winter

Discover colorful and stylish bedding designs that create a warm bed setting during the cold season.


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When the cold arrives, it’s so cozy to stay in a warm bed while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea. To create a warm bed setting, there is special bedding for the autumn and winter months that will help you feel more comfortable and warm, thus getting the rest you need. Spanish online store Donurmy suggests 8 decorative beddings from their autumn-winter collections to give a colorful touch to your bedroom decor.


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Blankets, Duvets, Sheets, Pillows, and Cushions

Choosing the bedding for the coldest months of the year is quite a simple task – just find the one with which you feel the most comfortable and warmest during low temperatures. For those who like to feel the weight of the textile, there are thick blankets for the bed along with additional bedspreads or quilts on it.


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However, if you are looking for thick bedding, but without the weight, the star garment is the duvet cover. Together with the duvet filling, the duvet cover brings you great warmth thanks to its microclimate effect, thus protecting you from the cold without hardly noticing its weight. This is thanks to the weight of the filling, which ranges from 100 to 400 gr., and the material of the filling.


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To keep you even warmer, there are special sheets for the autumn and winter months, which are composed of, for instance, flannel with a very soft and warm touch.


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Also, if you want to give a cozy touch to your bed, the option of placing several cushions on top, in addition to being very decorative, will make this bedroom decorating setting even warmer.


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