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Lotus Inspired Luxury Lighting Collection

Discover a luxurious lighting collection inspired by the beautiful Lotus flower.


Anyone who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging sees the beauty and delicacy of this lovely flower, always looking clean and pure against the background it is born in. These characteristics have different meanings in different cultures though they always share the same impression – magnificence.


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Lotus Lighting Collection aims to represent this simplicity and splendor. The design and shape of lamps are almost identical to the real flower’s form, incorporating its luxurious feeling. The application of noble materials and valuable traditional manufacturing techniques gives this lighting collection a touch of luxury. The 24k gold in combination with delicate glass increase the visual complexity of the design. The glass reminds us of the calm falling petals of the flower that reflect its simplicity as well as shades of elegance and beauty.


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The Lotus Collection aims to be the highlight of all interiors. It contains memorable lamp designs that create an exclusive atmosphere where light spreads through the various glass elements. This luxurious lighting collection was conceived with one purpose: to give any interior space the lavishness it requires.


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Lotus Suspension, Pendant, Floor Lamp

These hanging or floor lighting fixtures can be placed in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens – to create a luxurious interior design. It’s a luxury lighting solution that brings refinement and elegance to the most demanding decor, simple but eye-catching.


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