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Lighting Design – Sustainability, Knowledge, Spaces, Community, Experience

Discover Artemide, an Italian designer lighting brand, through their story about sustainability, knowledge, spaces, community, and experience in lighting design.

“Scientific research, a humanistic vision, and ethical and social reflection are the real cultural investment needed for the future, in order to design a better sustainable alternative to what exists.”

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“The future of light is everyone’s future.”

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“Sustainability – From Energy to Nature: re-connecting to nature. Light is indispensable energy for the life of humanity and all organisms. It has a significant influence on nature by helping its growth and all the photo-biological processes. By studying light and its relation to humankind, space, and the environment, we can get towards the definition of a light that takes care of all living organisms.

Reduce to Innovate: more with less. New project values become acts of responsibility towards the Planet and translate into a creative evolution: less material, no waste, and less energy, without giving up performance, quality, and beauty. A more efficient and critical approach that gets to the core of the project.

Enduring Project: the emancipation from the logics of consumption, through a lasting partnership with the matter. A careful selection of innovative materials and an intelligent project help create a dynamic emotional bond with the product. The enduring project brings quality.

Incremental System: the project as an open platform. We intend the product as something that is never finished, an open positive system that can constantly grow through physical maintenance and the upgrading of parameters.”

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“Innovation adds up values to the present in order to shape the future we want to inhabit.”

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“Knowledge – Scientific research, a humanistic vision, and ethical and social reflection: we are deeply convinced that these are the real cultural investments needed for the future. And they are the investments we’re committed to.

Design means the project, not simply shape or style. Good design combines innovation, aesthetics, know-how, high quality of manufacturing, and the greatest attention to the human and emotional relationship with the object and the light effect. And that’s what it takes to build a better alternative to what already exists.

Innovation is achieved through the knowledge that comes from a tradition, rich in values as manufacturing and know-how. Every Artemide product is completely developed in our Pregnana Milanese headquarter and made in Europe, to guarantee the best results of quality and conformity to international standards. Certified laboratories support every stage of the research, from the preliminary study until the final release.

Light is a key medium in the relation between people and their space. It can provide new experiences and emotions requalifying our spaces and making us authors and protagonists of a social landscape. Light reinforces our sense of belonging by turning every space into the place we want it to be.”



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“Spaces – Beyond spaces. Let’s go beyond the classic separation between technical products and design products; let’s open a new transversal point of view on the light project and its applications. We can offer all-purpose and surprising solutions, translating innovation and high-tech performance into emotional perception. And create products that are perfect for both outdoor and indoor, or products for the office space that have an exciting, fascinating design.

Scalable design for spaces. We project systems that can change and grow according to the evolution of space and activities. A responsive design for a fluid ecosystem, modular projects capable of combining differently, both physically and digitally.”

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“Community – Authors & Architects. We are proud of our partnerships with acclaimed international architects that share an aperture towards different cultures. Cultural synergies and project partnerships, enduring human relationships that keep on building a common path in innovation.

Never give up curiosity. Artemide never stops studying and investigating light. Project is made through a neverending dialogue with different experiences and external realities, like universities, industrial and research organizations, in continuous interaction with different know-how that creates a rich and fertile ground for a new generation of projects.

Project is our strong skill and we are always eager to work with new partners that can give us the opportunity to create special products. We can develop custom product solutions, both starting from existing versions and by designing and producing bespoke items. We have a dedicated custom department working together with the Research, Development, and Innovation staff, to create new and different solutions and support them with services and intelligence.”

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“Experience – We are constantly developing new generations of products that express a parametric human-centered vision, in order to achieve a dynamic and positive experience. A range of digital tools aimed to create a new kind of relationship with light: IoT interaction, sensors, Dali and DMX-RDM management, dedicated software, Artemide App, GeoLiFi, Li-Fi.

The role of light design is to interact between the new technological frontiers and the contemporary humanistic culture, in order to be able to generate healthy interactions with people’s behavior and emotions.

Freedom of movement, freedom of choice. People are different, and so is their approach to light. That’s why we offer different solutions to manage this relationship: from the physical analogic interaction to the digital one made of sensors and apps, up to a new vision of light that’s portable and can really accompany us in our daily life; ours is a very simple principle: everyone must be free to determine his/her approach with light.” 

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