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Designer’s Ideas – Create a Global Style Bedroom

Designer tips for creating a global-style bedroom design – an inspiration to all who love travel-themed rooms, vibrant color palettes, eclectic interiors, culturally inspired designs, discovering, and cherishing the beauty of the world.


Thanks to the development of technology and informatization, it is becoming easier to travel to distant parts of the world virtually, with the help of the Internet. However, in addition to the World Wide Web, there is another way to get to know various world cultures in the comfort of your own home – global style interior design. Here are a few designer tips for designing and decorating a global-style bedroom. In my opinion, this creative space would be an inspiration to all who enjoy eclectic interiors, vibrant color palettes, culturally inspired designs, travel-themed rooms, discovering, and cherishing the beauty of the world.


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Location – Kasiiya Papagayo Eco Lodge in Costa Rica / Photo – AW² / APR / Kenny Viese


What is a global style in design and décor?

This eclectic ethnic style combines different national and regional approaches to interior design and decoration. African tribal motifs meet Oriental-style patterns; the bright, vibrant colors of Mexico mingle with romantic French lace curtains, ornate Moroccan fabrics complement the minimalism of Japanese Tatami, rattan furniture decorated with lace – all in your home. Therefore, to bring an exotic aroma of folk-inspired art and craft treasures from all over the world into the bedroom interior, the global decorating style is a great choice.


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Fabrics Inspired by Mexico / Photo – JAB Anstoetz


How to create a global-style bedroom? Here are a few design ideas.

A bed made of natural materials like rattan, bamboo, or solid wood; decorate with bedding ornate in ethnic patterns such as traditional architectural forms, colorful motifs from nature – palm trees, stylized flowers, and plants, animals, etc. On the other hand, to create a minimalist bedroom design, place a Japanese futon bed, “dressed” in cotton or linen fabric in one color, for example, in relaxing neutral tones.


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Designer Furniture Inspired by Colombian Cultural Heritage – Find Out More / Photo – Ames / Andres Valbuena


Fusion of Different Ethnic Decoration Styles from Around the World

Bedside tables in the bedroom should complement the look of the bed, but also be slightly different, since the global style is a fusion of different ethnic decoration styles. For example, with a minimalist bed, a rattan nightstand might look interesting. This design philosophy should be followed by all pieces of furniture – cabinets, chests of drawers, benches, and chairs decorated with inlays, painted motifs, etc.


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Photo – Let’s Pause


Lamps That Light Your Exotic Design Journey

Lighting fixtures should also take you on an exotic design journey. For example, rice paper lanterns, lampshades painted with cheerful ethnic patterns, lamps in the form of elephants, camels, various birds.


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Asian Inspiration / Photo – JAB Anstoetz


Ornate the Bedroom with Travel Souvenirs and Artwork That Depict the Beauty of the World

To make the room look as ornate as possible, additionally decorate it with travel souvenirs, colorful figurines made of ceramics, wood, jade, painted vases, or those that are made of bamboo, stone, wicker baskets, decorative pillows, etc.


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Asian Inspiration / Photo – JAB Anstoetz


Bedroom Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Windows, Doors – Decorated in Global Style

Create the global look of the bedroom walls by placing pictures and photos of wild animals, exotic landscapes, and folk artwork. Silk or wood fans, masks, painted silk scarves, hand-embroidered fabrics, tapestries, and mosaics also make a great addition to this interior decorating story, as well as wallpapers, and wall stickers illustrating travel destinations or worldwide languages.  


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Photo – YO2 / APR


Wood window shutters and bamboo window shades, curtains made of natural fabrics richly decorated with various patterns (stylized plants and flowers, geometric and abstract motifs, scenes from nature), beads, mirrors, hand-embroidered ornaments – are also the attractions of this design journey.

A wooden ceiling fan brings refreshment on hot days and goes well with this ethnic decor.


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Location – JOALI Maldives – Art Resort Inspired by Her, the Feminine Spirit of the Brand / Photo – Kettal / Autoban


Natural, Cozy, Colorful

The wooden floors from exotic types of wood (teak, bamboo, etc.) are warm and cozy. Floor mats and rugs made of jute or cotton, for example, are also a welcome addition to global-style flooring.

The color palette consists of Earthy colors (from orange to brown) and energetic tones of green, blue, and yellow hue.


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Photo – Birds and Palms Wallpaper by


Bon voyage! Enjoy your global design journey!


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Photo – JAB Anstoetz

Cover Photo – JAB Anstoetz




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