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3 Furnishing Trends for 2022 – Natural, Simple and Creative

Find out more about 3 furnishing trends that will shape our interior spaces in 2022 – Harmony of Nature, Minimalist Comfort, Creative Mix of Styles, and Colors.


Our home is more important to us than ever. How to design it? In a lush and colorful or reduced and subtle fashion? How will we create our homes in the year 2022 and what is the focus of the interior design and decorating? German brand Dekoria is showing you 3 furnishing trends that will shape our living spaces in 2022.


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Harmony of Nature in Our Home

The home is our cozy place in which we rest from everyday life events. Nature, sustainability, and comfort will continue to be the top design trends in 2022. Motifs from nature are everywhere on furnishings – they show up as natural structures and colors, on decorative fabrics, pictures, and materials. Ceramic, wood and natural fabrics are in great demand. These materials from Nature bring more balance to our everyday lives. Comfortable, cozy fabrics in warm, deep earthy tones invite you to relax and enjoy. Wood in every tone ensures comfort in our rooms. Whether in creamy colors or natural, wood gives our home a warm and natural aesthetic.

Decorating tips: rely on natural, timeless fabrics in subtle colors, preferably linen, wool, and cotton. Natural materials such as wood, rattan, and ceramics have a calming effect. Plant motifs are welcome.



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Minimalist Comfort – Simple and Light

Keep it simple, keep it light. Neutral tones such as white, gray, and cream are the colors of cleanliness and order. Geometric shapes support the clean look and allow few splashes of color. From neutral colors to minimalist furniture designs, a simply furnished interior is calming and at the same time elegant and impressive. However, the art of placing just a couple of decorative pieces, but in the right places, makes this design trend anything but easy.

Decorating tips: The secret of the Pure living trend is a central point of interior decoration. High-quality materials and accentuated details turn simple living spaces into pure enjoyment.


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Let’s Play – Mix It Up According to Your Personal Style

Contrasting colors come back into play! These color palettes represent hope and positive change. There are no limits to the combination of colors – whether strong contrasts or tone-on-tone connections – everything depends on your personal style. Frosted red tones meet curry yellow, strong blue kisses moss green. A mix of styles is also popular – if a table in colonial style meets modern chairs, you are right on trend!

Decorating tips: combine the different designs in a mix of styles with one color to create a trendy interior. You can also spice up your own furniture by painting it on.


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About the Brand

The managing director of Dekoria GmbH has been managing the traditional brand with her flair for colors, shapes, and fabrics since it was first on the German market. More than fifteen years ago, the German studies graduate followed her passion for interior design and has been driven by the search for that certain something ever since. It is Katarzyna Kolenda who selects the fabrics for the next Dekoria collections, accompanies every step of production, and not only picks up on trends in this way but creates them herself.




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