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8 Colorful Home Office Designs

Discover the color palettes of 8 creative home workspace designs. Enjoy creating colorful spaces and projects.


Joyful color palettes and colorful patterns attract our attention immediately upon entering the interior. Home offices decorated with energetic colors such as red, yellow, and orange or complementary color pairs (red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple) are especially active and artistic. Often, the decorative details bring energetic colors to the interior space, while the walls and furniture are in neutral tones or colored in relaxing hues such as blue, and green. The usual color scheme consists of two to three colors that are in harmony with each other and bring joy to the interior of your home workspace.


A small home office in which the focal point is a multi-colored area rug. Bubbles are the inspiration for the playful design and vibrant colors of this creative rug. Walls and furniture create a neutral-toned base on which the colorful rug comes to the fore. Plants are also a great addition to this interior decor and bring the freshness of greenery.


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Photo – Sonya Winner Rug Studio



Greenery in Home Office Design

Greenery adds a touch of nature to the home workspace – in the form of potted plants placed on the shelves and side tables, as well as vertical gardens and plants as wall art. In this nature-inspired home office (cover photo), the indoor space meets the outdoor, thanks to large windows and garden doors and the indoor greenery. The garden view is relaxing, and natural light is an essential ingredient in improving mood and increasing work productivity.


Green color can also be added as a decorative detail on the work desk, wall, or floor. Combining green with white creates a refreshing indoor space. The combination of blue and green enhances communication and reduces stress.


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Photo – i4 Design & Construction / norsu interiors



Colors of the World on the Wall Decor

All kinds of images, patterns, and colors find their decorative place on the wall as well – murals, wallpapers, wall stickers. Thus, the home office walls become works of art. Whether you wish to create a photo-realistic window into the world, a world map as travel inspiration, or any other artistic image – the wall is your canvas. Combine colorful wall art with furniture in neutral tones or one color (choose one of the colors from the wall), add some greenery, and the creative workspace is ready.


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Photo – ‘Classic World Map’ Mural by Lovell Johns at



Color Palettes and Furniture for Small Space Design

In small apartments, by joining living room, bedroom, or other relaxing spaces with workspaces, you should combine their decorative styles and color palettes to design the interior space that enhances both relaxation and work. In this eclectic living room, the workspace consists of a writing desk with a lamp and a work chair. Above the desk, there are open shelves for books and business documents. This kind of home office furniture takes up a small part of the room, and it’s a nice choice for designing small interiors.

Speaking of the entire room, the base (walls, floor, furniture) is mostly in neutral tones, while the decorative elements bring blue color in several tints, tones, and shades. The blueness is calming and enhances communication – a cool addition to the designing of relaxing and workspaces. When designing small spaces, applying light tints and cool colors will make the interior appear larger.


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Photo – Tom Tailor


Transparent furniture is also a great selection when designing small rooms. Even if the transparent work desk is large, it will blend with the surroundings, and its size won’t overcrowd the small home office.


In choosing the color scheme for work and study corner, blue or green color for communication and stress reduction, purple or yellow color for memory and creativity, red color for energy and creativity are recommended.


home office in blue colour combination,colorful rug in home office area,blue work chair,transparent work desk,colors decor for home office flooring,

Photo – Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash



Think Pink and Enjoy Your Workspace

Pink, purple and green – create an artistic interior decor. This playful color palette adds a touch of creativity to the workspace. Speaking of playfulness, every design element in both of these work and study rooms reflects the playful nature of an artistic personality.


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Photo – Circu


Pink color base, metallic glow, and works of art design an imaginative home office space. Think pink and enjoy creating colorful spaces and projects.


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Photo – NAT MAKS, Natascha Maksimovic


Cover Photo – Sonya Winner Rug Studio




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