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How to Create a Stunning Summer Gallery Wall – 7 Coastal-Style Ideas

Art makes a stylish statement in a bedroom, living room, hallway design… In this interior designer’s article, discover seven coastal-style artistic ideas to design a lovely summer gallery wall in your holiday home or urban apartment. Beautiful shells, corals, seaweed, beaches, and flamingos are illustrated in these vivid artworks. 🙂

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Indigo Shells and Coral Art Prints – Watercolor Shell Art

Quintessentially coastal, indigo-colored watercolor-painted art prints (in the cover photo) are made in Beach House Art Studio from sustainably sourced wood and paper. Bring the relaxing beauty of a coastal-style color palette into your holiday home or urban apartment. Mix and match art prints of shells and corals to design a stunning summer gallery wall. These artworks are a great fit to the interior furnished in wooden furniture, wicker decor, and cotton fabrics.

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Modern Coastal Gallery Wall for Trendy Interiors, Beach House Art,

Original art prints are created in Beach House Art Studio, inspired by the beauty of the coast in the UK. Create a focal point in your living room by combining these trendy art pieces into a colorful gallery wall – Beach Photography, Let’s Go Surfing Cornwall Map, Sail Away, Summer Moorings, Vitamin Sea, and The Regatta. The artworks are made from sustainably sourced wood and paper, water-based inks.

Highlight the art prints by placing them on the wall of a one-colored interior, or simply match them with summer home decor made of blue, white, and wood tones.

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Bonjour Beaches – Summer Typography Art Print

Bonjour Beaches - Summer Typography Art Print, Beach House Art,

Colorful word art with inspirational quotes and sayings to brighten your wall and instantly create a great summer vibe for your home interior. Say bonjour to beaches, coastal style, and interior décor that invites the sunny feel of summertime.

The colors in this print mix contemporary design with a retro feel. The white and red text works brilliantly with the French-navy-colored background, creating a focal point in the lobby or living room. Place this chic word art on the wall by itself or combine it with beach painting art prints for a summer gallery wall.

The frames are hand-made by Beach House Art’s specialist framers, using sustainable timber that makes a contemporary, sleek profile.

What is typography art? Form of art that involves letters, words, or phrases. These prints are popular in homes, office spaces, and public areas for their ability to connect and communicate simple ideas and feelings with people. The trend for typographical art is on the rise.

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Beach Paintings - Summer Gallery Wall, Beach House Art,

This relaxed bedroom design in neutral tones welcomes a pop of coastal colors in the form of a beach-themed summer gallery wall. Place them individually on the bedroom wall or grouped like in the photo. These original watercolor beach painting art prints are created in Beach House Art Studio – from sustainably sourced wood and paper.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the coast in Cornwall, refreshing beachscape prints fit beautifully into the coastal-styled home or as a summer touch to every interior space.

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Coral Art Prints – Watercolor Wall Art

Coral Art Prints - Watercolor Wall Art, Beach House Art,

After studying the most beautiful coral specimens, the artist from Beach House Art skillfully paints, first with a pigment of watercolor paint, and then adds fine details with watercolor pencils to enhance the vibrancy of the corals and their color (orange/red tones), that are so popular for summer home decor. The prints are a wonderful fusion of botanical art and coastal decor, making them a colorful addition to every trendy home. Made from sustainably sourced wood and paper.

The coral watercolor art print can be displayed in a large format as an individual art piece for maximum impact or arranged in a gallery wall layout for a delicate aesthetic. These prints are relaxing due to their fluid nature and striking due to the monochromatic and bold color. The artwork’s versatility, simple lines, and color mean it will suit many styles of décor – from traditional to contemporary.

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Indigo Blue Seaweed Art Prints for Summer Gallery Wall, Beach House Art,

Beautiful indigo blue art prints of original watercolor paintings of seaweed, painted by the Beach House Art Studio. Seaweed prints capture the essence of coastal interior décor style, known for its light, relaxing, and inviting nature. Botanical art is very trendy in interior decorating.

Place them individually on the wall of your summer-inspired home, or mix and match the art prints to create a striking gallery wall or a smaller cluster of seaweed prints.

Each watercolor artwork was created using only one color of paint, lovely indigo blue, on watercolor paper. Sustainably sourced wood and paper.

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Flamingo Watercolor Art Prints

Flamingo Watercolor Art Prints, Beach House Art,

Think pink and make a trendy summer gallery wall. Add a pop of vibrant color and tropical elegance to your home decor with watercolor flamingo prints. Created by Beach House Art from sustainably sourced wood and paper in their UK art studio.

These lovely wall art prints feature one of nature’s most striking and elegant creatures – the flamingo – depicted in stunning detail.

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Enjoy designing a beautiful summer gallery wall in your home. 🙂

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By Danica Maričić

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