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Expert Guide on Furnishing and Coloring the Bedroom

Discover how to design the ultimate bedroom retreat. and The Painted Furniture Company bring you expert tips on placing the furniture and choosing the perfect color scheme for your bedroom.

Picking Out and Positioning the Bed – Interior Designer’s Tips

Expert Guide on Furnishing and Coloring the Bedroom,

Efficient furniture placement is essential for optimizing interior space and creating a harmonious bedroom design.

Start by positioning your bed as the focal point of the room, typically against the longest wall or facing the entrance. This creates a sense of balance and visual appeal. Leave ample space around the bed for easy movement and if space permits, position a bedside table on either side to add a sense of symmetry.

How to Furnish Small Bedrooms

In smaller bedroom spaces, avoid cramming too much furniture into the room as this will make it look smaller and feel cluttered. Instead, opt for a couple of key furniture pieces that offer ample storage but are in proportion to the size of your room. Also, go for a light and cool color palette.

Opt for Underbed Storage

Opt for Underbed Storage, How to Furnish the Stylish Bedroom - Expert Tips,

Underbed storage units are a practical solution for maximizing the available space in a bedroom. By utilizing the area beneath the bed, these units offer ample storage capacity for various items. From seasonal clothing and extra bedding to shoes and accessories, under-bed storage helps keep belongings organized and easily accessible.

Opt for the bedframes that are available with the option of underbed storage units, with drawers that glide effortlessly to provide easy access.

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How to Select and Place Wardrobes and Chests of Drawers – Bedroom Design Ideas

How to Select and Place Wardrobes and Chests of Drawers, Bedroom Design Tips,

Place wardrobes and chests of drawers against walls, preferably perpendicular to the bed. This will maximize your floor space and allow for convenient access to clothing and storage while maintaining a clean and organized appearance of the bedroom.

Consider the flow of movement within the room and ensure that you can comfortably open and close the doors and drawers without any obstructions. If possible, position taller furniture so that it doesn’t stand in the way of any natural light from entering the room.

How to Furnish the Stylish Bedroom - Expert Tips, Bedroom Storage Furniture,

Choose chests of drawers that complement the overall design aesthetic while providing sufficient storage for clothing and personal items. There are many styles available, from traditional to contemporary, with a wide range of handles and color options.

Chest of Drawers for the Bedroom, Expert Guide on Furnishing and Coloring the Bedroom,

Ensure the height and width of the chest are proportionate to the room size. Bespoke pieces are worth the investment too, a low wardrobe to fit sloping ceilings or a chest of drawers built to fit an alcove, for example, will help make the most of your available space.

How to Furnish the Ultimate Bedroom Retreat, Bedroom in Neutral Colors with Light Blue Bedding,

Adam Brown, Director of The Painted Furniture Company comments: “A chest of drawers has to be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home. Often thought of as bedroom furniture, these simple pieces offer a huge amount of flexibility and can be used in any room. They work well in hallways, dining rooms, and living spaces and are a great way of utilizing tricky spots such as wall recesses or unused alcoves. Another nice thing about a chest of drawers is how decorative they are – styled with lamps, accessories, artwork, or a mirror, they will create an elegant focal point.”

Blanket Boxes – Functional and Stylish

Blanket Boxes for the Bedroom, How to Furnish the Stylish Bedroom - Expert Tips,

Blanket boxes can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Consider placing them at the foot of the bed to add a touch of elegance and provide extra storage for blankets, pillows, or other essentials. When selecting a blanket box, focus on its material, size, and style. Look for a design that harmonizes with the existing furniture and offers functionality as a seating option or additional surface space.

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How to Choose a Bedroom Color Scheme

How to Choose a Bedroom Color Scheme,

When selecting a restful color scheme for your bedroom, it’s important to consider soothing tones that evoke a sense of tranquillity. Start by choosing a neutral base color like white, soft beige, or warm grey to create a calming atmosphere.

For a modern-country style look, add muted earthy hues such as sage green, gentle mushroom, or dusty blue as accent colors. Painted furniture is a great way to do this – whether it be a full bedroom collection or a statement chest of drawers, painted furniture will bring a sense of style and personality to any room.

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Create a Color Palette with a Color Wheel

When thinking about colors, creating a color palette can also be helpful as Adam explains, “Color is the first thing your eye notices when you walk into a room. How different colors play off of one another creates a first impression that affects your perceptions of everything else. As such, picking a color scheme is a lot more important than most people know.

“When approaching a new home interior project, try using a color wheel to create a color palette of shades you feel work well together. A color wheel makes it easy to do this, for example, if you are looking for dynamic colors that complement one another nicely, choose two hues directly opposite on the wheel. Your color palette can then be used as a basis for determining different shades, tints, and textiles.”

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Another point to consider when choosing a bedroom color scheme is whether to opt for warm colors such as tints, tones, and shades of orange, red or yellow, or cool colors like blues, greens, and purples. “Cool colors are ideal for smaller rooms that you want to appear larger because of the way they recede into the broader visual spectrum”, comments Adam.

He continues, “Blue is often a popular choice for bedrooms. The bedroom is ultimately a place of relaxation and blue has been found to be the most soothing color, promoting feelings of calmness. Evoking memories of sunny blue skies and vast deep oceans, it’s easy to see why a blue color scheme has the ability to ease busy minds and aid a restful night’s sleep.”

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A gentle blend of colors is key to creating a serene and inviting bedroom space. Top it off with soft furnishings, and accessories in coordinating shades for a cohesive feel. Enjoy your relaxing bedroom space.

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